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Top 20 products of 2018

Top 20 products of 2018

Here are a few products which have been on top of our list in the year 2018. It was possible only through all of your orders that these products were declared as the BEST OF 2018.

1. American Spirit

The largest selling tobacco in India just got bigger. One of the best products of 2018 and made it to the top of the list. Natural American Spirit premium rolling tobacco is a blend of additive-free natural tobaccos grown entirely in the United States of America.

2. Juul

Everything a smoker needs to make the switch. Vaping our way out to 


3. Raw Black

This one is a Classic! The Raw Classics are a must buy for every smoker. 

Thinnest paper ever made by RAW

4. Slimjim Brown Skins with Tips

Made with unbleached natural fibres. These papers made from rice and with hemp gum are perfect for backflips



5. Nasty Juice A$AP Grape

Black grape combined with ripe berry and other fruits alike produces this delicious grape juice. The bitter exhale taste of grape is topped with the taste of berry to create a taste that you will never get bored of.

6. Hemp Valley Shower Gel

Experience the ultimate cleanse with HEMP VALLEYshower gel, an invigorating, Vitamin-E rich formula that works to cleanse and nourish the skin whilst awakening the mind. Formulated with natural Hemp Seed Oil.


7. CBD Vape Oil

Enjoy a sweet, pungent and woody flavour, prepared from extra pure CBD isolated from organic hemp. Flavoured with natural pure terpenes, contains zero THC.

8. The Greenroom

The Green Room is a super impressive closet which is just perfect for a home grower. It is a completely automated, fully fitted grow system that comes with every component you need to start growing today,



9. Slimjim Lighter

10. Juul Pods

The rich flavor of American tobacco is unmistakable with our Virginia Tobacco JUULpod


11. Golden Virginia Bright Yellow

Golden Virginia Bright Yellow is a smooth twist to the original Golden Virginia blend, a quality cigarette tobacco made from the finest Virginia tobacco.


12. Double platinum blunt wraps

These flavored cigar wraps are made from the finest tobacco leaves and go perfectly with your crushed herbs.


13. Juicy Jays

Flavored papers, without actually flavoring the herbs, lend a mellowing effect to those strong tasting herbs and make them more enjoyable to smoke.


14. 420 Rolling Tray

420 Mini Rolling Tray is perfect for when you need to roll those giant doobs or for when you hate making a mess with all your spillage.

15. Raw Connoisseur King Size

Each Connoisseur pack includes RAW Unrefined papers, RAW Unrefined Tips, and a unique outer sleeve with natural rubber band.


16. Amsterdam Grinder

This metal Grinder is perfect for crushing all your greens stress free.

It comes with two compartments, The first holds your green and crushes it while the second carefully collects all the finished product.



17. Italian clay filter tips

This handcrafted filter tip is made from the finest Italian clay. Handcrafted by the legendary Patrick himself these are a collectors item.

18. Slimjim 420 Gift kit

The perfect gift for your stoner friend. Guaranteed to make him smile at 4.20 and any other time of the day.


19. Percolator bong

This aids smokers attain a softer toke and much less coughing.



20. Slimjim Printed Roaches

A crowd favourite and our very first roach pad. These printed roach pads come with 5 different designed tips.