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RAW Classic 1 1/4th Single Wide Paper (Double Pack)

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  • 100 Leaves in Each Pack
  • Unbleached Paper
  • Thinnest Rolling Paper
  • Made of Plant Fibres
  • Natural Tree Sap Gum
  • Each Paper is Watermarked
  • Even and Slow-Burning
  • Newest Paper in Market

PRODUCT Description

Have you ever tried out the finest rolling paper that is available in the market? Well, let's make you do that. RAW is one of those brands that keep bringing something new in the smoking industry now and then. And for you to know RAW Black is one of the thinnest cigarette rolling papers ever made by them to date. It's basically for the upcoming new generation that is more sincere and particular about their every smoke and experience they get out of it. RAW Black is double-pressed extra thin and unbleached paper made up of plant fibers and tree sap gum that is rolled up with a variety of roaches


Leafs Per Pack: 100 Leaves of pure Pleasure

Made of Plant Fibers: RAW has always manufactured a smoking rolling paper that is environmentally friendly and made up of natural plant fibres. The RAW Black Single Wide smoking papers are vegan and made up of plant fibers that are rolled up with filter tips

Natural Tree Sap Gum: RAW believed in manufacturing all environmentally friendly products, each of its rolling smoking paper variants is made up of natural ingredients. The gumline used in this cigarette smoking paper is nothing but naturally extracted tree sap.

Unbleached: Well, RAW cigarette rolling paper is not like others available in the market that are chlorine-bleached. RAW is one of them who thinks about its customer's smoking experience for which it has naturally processed and unbleached rolling papers. The bleached paper doesn't only harm a person while smoking but also creates a dangerous impact on nature at the same time. To make things environment-friendly, RAW has all its tobacco rolling papers made of plant fibers.

Thinnest Paper: RAW has been in the market for quite a long time with really amazing products out there. RAW Black  rolling paper is one of the finest and thinnest papers ever manufactured in the rolling paper industry. These are high-quality paper produced for a generation like ours to have a high quality of smoke.

Dimensions: 70mm - 35mm, Single Wide RAW Black. This size of the cigarette rolling  paper is the smallest one available in the market. These are for those who still are a learner or enjoy their loner time smoke. Well, Majority of people in India generally don’t focus on these or different size of smoking paper exists. But one should know what they use and prefer as that makes their preferences very clear.

Watermarked: RAW smoking papers have a watermark on them to identify the originality of the paper and also to make them burn slowly and evenly. These smoking rolling papers have a crisscross print all over them with RAW printed at several places.

Even and Slow Burning: RAW is one of the best brands that will give you a great smoking experience. These smoking papers have a quality of slow and even burning due to criss-cross imprint all over the paper, which avoids runs and maintains the smoothest burn.