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Cannazo - Athletic Care (9 ml)

Athletic Care, is an Ayurvedic formulation which contains a powerful mixture of 6 herbs including Medical cannabis leaf extract and hemp seed oil.

The constituents help in decreasing swelling (edema), sudden shocking pain to nerves (Neuralgia) inflammation, neural irritation and joint pain and increases functional mobility by relaxing the muscles and nerves in the area of pain via their anti-inflammatory, pain relieving (analgesic) and antioxidant effects.

This ensures fast recovery of muscles and nerves, providing a person with instant comfort and freedom from terrible pain. This formulation works efficiently for any type of physical injury related to sports/fitness.

  • Relaxes nerves & muscles 
  • Reduces joint pain 
  • Helps with muscle soreness and weakness
  • Increases functional mobility 

Safety & Precaution: 

  • This medicine contains Cannabis and other ayurvedic herbs. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, DO NOT apply this drug.
  • Kindly consult your doctor before taking this drug during pregnancy or breast-feeding.
  • Keep away from Children.

CBD Content : 600mg