Cyclops 01 - Lighter Sleeve

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In Greek mythology the Cyclops are giant one-eyed creatures.

Dual lips and realistic teeth just not sharp enough to bite you.

Touch to feel 3d textures that are extremely pleasing to hold.

loop for multiple functionalities.

embrace it as a neck piece or attach it to your gear. possibilities are endless

Handcrafted with clay and painted with non toxic colours for durability of a life time.

fits generic J3 Bic Lighters.

No more lighter mixups with your peers with this one of a kind design.

Replace in two simple steps.

1. Pull out used lighter by holding the Flame keeper on the sides and slide it out from the top.

2. Slide in a refilled one and BOOM you're ready for some Flaming sessions!

Hand Crafted by Flame Keeper