Cyclops 150 Metal - Fun-gi Monster Lighter Sleeve

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Monster chomp fungi reusable lighter sleeve.

Glow chomp eye,teeth and vertical glow tube lining on the side for a futuristic appeal with algae covered mushrooms.

FlameKeeper engraving on the back feels great to touch.

Keeping in mind the rough uses your lighters go through we have custom built a reinforced metal case for precise fit and ultimate structural integrity, also has a metal loop for multifunctional uses.

Easy slide-in slide-out feature helps you replace your lighter once gas is over. 

Hand made with premium polymer clay with non fading colours for ever lasting existence and precise touch-to-feel features that are great to hold. 

Drop proof, water proof.

Glow in the dark details let you find your lighter in zero visibility.  

Snug fit for J5 mini bic lighters, we send one along for your convenience.

Free lighter leash.