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WILD HEALER - Propolis & Hemp Salve

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Heal on the go with our Wild Healer - The natural first aid balm and moisturizer!
Our salves comes in pocket-sized boxes 20ml that contain the ancient folk medicine propolis along with nature's lesser known healers - locally grown sacred plants - Champaka, Touch Me Not and Calendula soaked in hemp seed oil. This salve is medicinal and multi-purpose. It can be used to
Moisturise - Lip balm, tattoo balm, under eye cream foot cream, pet paw cream.
Repair - Treat cuts, wounds, burns, dryness, acne, pigmentation, redness, sun damage, inflammation, bacterial and fungal infections, itching and insect bites.
Detox - Quench free radicals, speed up tissue repair and regeneration, prevent microbial build up, improve skin health.