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Skittles (Crazy Sours)

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  • Skittles have recently been voted the most popular candy amongst youth in the United States. But did you know that these fruity morsels have also been voted the best chewy candy, as well as the trendiest decorating material, by the mythical creature community? (Though we’re told leprechauns and unicorns may have rigged the mythical polls, as they are rather partial to rainbow-colored sweets.) These bite-sized favorites are all the rage amongst regular people and magical beings alike, so what are you waiting for? Taste the rainbow, become a believer, and join the fandom! Who knows, you might even get to meet a few unicorns at the groupie meetings.

    Flavor assortment includes:
    Green Apple

    Resealable bag contains 196g of Skittles Candy.

    Made in the USA.



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