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Black Leaf - Activated Carbon Filters - (7mm)

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The activated charcoal filters 'Clean Hit' from Black Leaf® are made of coconut shell from sustainable cultivation. They are 100% neutral in taste, highly absorbent and thus reliably filter unwanted by-products from the smoke. The taste remains pure, unadulterated, aromatic and smooth. And the lungs are happy!

The filters 'Clean Hit' have a higher dosage of activated carbon. They contain 80 % to 90 % activated carbon for cleaner hits. They have a ceramic cap at both ends, so it doesn't matter which side you roll inwards! Made in Austria!

High stability!
Due to the spiral-shaped paper, a higher stability is possible.
This leads to a strengthened tightness of the husk and the filter is not so easily crumpled during smoking or transport as other filters do. (Advantage)

Special ceramic caps!
Thanks to the dents in the ceramic cap, a direct contact in the case of smutch is avoided.

Natural material!
Black Leaf activated carbon filter are made of coconut shells. The activated carbon has a clift form and ensures therewith less dust formation unlike with pellets.

No unwanted aftertaste!
They are not repressed and the taste is not strongly adulterated.

No jamming!
Air chambers ensure a better circulation of the smoke and air when the activated carbon is dosed in the right way, whereby the jamming of the filter is prevented.

Less harmfull substances!
The special workmanship of the activated carbon enables a high absorbtion capacity and prevents unwanted side effects of smoking like and slime.

Always with you!
Thanks to the practival design, the box a 20 filters is not bigger than a match box and fits comfortably in every pocket.

Get 20 Filters in One pack