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LED Message Light Box

  • LampUSE FOR HOME DECOR OR BUSINESS: Personalize and create your own messages! The light box can be used in many occasions and locations. Use it for your business as a sign to advertise your newest product or your latest sale. Bring it home and use it for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, movie nights, parties, celebrations, crafts and inspirational quotes. Send messages between your friends and family in your house, or even use it as a fun lamp! The sky is the limit!
  • UNIQUE CHARACTER TILES: In addition to the 100 standard black letters, numbers and symbols,  
  • STORAGE BOX AND 8-HOUR POWER TIMER: In addition to the standard ON and OFF options, the Cinematic Lightbox comes with an energy efficient TIMER option, which can be set to automatically power off the lit box after 8 hours of use. Another unique feature is a convenient character storage box to keep your unused tiles safe and organized.
  • HIGH QUALITY LED AND MATERIALS: Our customizable marquee letter box is crafted to last and impress. The outside shell is made of sturdy high-quality plastic ABS and acrylic. The LEDs inside provide a uniform light coverage through the box with the perfect brightness level. Our durable lights have a beautiful cold white color that will amaze all your friends and family.
  • USB OR BATTERY POWERED: For your convenience, the mini lighted box can be powered by batteries or by USB cable. 
  • Batteries not included