Skull mixing bowl


The Skull mixing bowl is a must have for the high life connoisseur. The Bowl which is kept intact by high quality neodymium magnet can only be opened by people who know what it is.

The skull opens into two bowls which can be used as a crushing surface for your arsenal. The Greens can be cleaned on the surface with teeth gaps/holes by sliding the seeds and stems through the gap. So you no longer have to worry about resembling your grandma cleaning the pulses.


For your sticky black you don't need the teeth gaps, hence you can use the other side to avoid the moon rocks from falling. You can also use the skull to store your skins, roaches, rolled spliffs and arsenal.

This intricately designed skull comes in natural tones of wood. Get baked and wake your inner artist and paint the skull using acrylic colors to make it one of its kind in the world. (see the last picture)


About The Seller - Mangalyaan

Mangalyaan is a high life brand focused on making unique, discreet and multifunctional accessories for the connoisseur and pros in the game.

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We channelize our creativity after a spliff or two, sometimes maybe more; to make amazing accessories just for you. The accessories are designed keeping in mind your lifestyle and hence we ensure discretion is at the core of our products. 

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We believe that whatever we do, should be the start for you to explore and channelize your creativity. Hence our products can either be coloured and made unique by the painter in you or you can come up with more creative ways to use it. End object, the ball should always roll!

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Yes our brand name was inspired by India’s Mars Orbiter Mission Mangalyaan.

Wishing you an adventurous and happy flight!