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Super Premium Papers Gift Kit

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Have a birthday coming up and need the perfect kit to gift? This box is the perfect gift for all your smoking friends. 

This gift box contains all the Premium rolling papers, enough to please the chosen one! 

The new contents of the box are below-

1. Trip Transparent Papers

2. GreenGo Skins. 

3. Elements Ultra-thin Rice Skins. 

4. Elements Red Hemp Skins

5. Gizeh Hemp King Size Skins.

6. Slimjim Pocket Ashtray

7. Raw Organic Hemp Skins.

8. Raw Organic Hemp Connoisseur Skins

9. Raw Classic Skins.

10. Gizeh King Size Skins. 

11. Smoking Kukuxusu Papers

12. SMK King Size.

13. Smoking Brown Skins 

14. Slimjim Roach Pads X 2

15. Slimjim Pink Skins

16. Slimjim Ultra Slim Skins