Celebrity Kit

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Best gift kit of 2021

100+ Sold

Get these luxury products in a nice briefcase, gift wrapped for the occasion.


What's in the briefcase?


1 X Mascotte king Size Pink Paper

1 X Purize Ultra Slim Paper

1 XSlimjim Ultra Slim Paper

1 X Raw Black King Size Paper

1 X Snail Pinkey Paper + Tips

1 X Snail Bluey Paper + Tips

1 X Slimjim Brown King Size Paper

1 X Slimjim Hemp King Size Paper

1 X Slimjim Hemp Roll

1 X Slimjim White Gold Paper

1 X SHINE Gold Pre Rolled Cone


1 X Slimjim Glass Tip

1 X Active Charcoal Trial Pack 

1 X Piecemaker Krutch Silicon Tip


1 X Tobox (Random Colour)

5 X Kush Blunt (Mix Flavours)

1 X GreenGo Hydrostone

1 X Jpaq 5 Case Holder

1 X Gizeh Flip Case

1 X Slimjim Tool Kit 1.0

1 x Piecemaker Karma go Pipe

1 X Piecemaker Kontainer 

1 X Medtainer (Medical Grade Storage + Grinder)

4 X Doob tube

5 X Clipper Lighter - Slimjim (Not Available for Overnight Shipping via Bluedart)

1 X Slushies Car Freshener 

1 X Candy  (Random Flavour)




Buy these above items individually at Rs 9450/- or with this super save gift briefcase all inclusive in Rs 5999/-