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David Ross - Mini Holders (26 x 5 mm)

For all those who like their cigarettes with less toxic substances!

The David Ross SLIM Microfilter is a filter bonnet with a practical orifice, that is plugged on the end of a cigarette. Inside the filter the cigarette smoke hits a barrier, whereby up to 60% of tar, nicotine and other toxic substances are locked-in.
As soon as the little red mark has completely turned black, the filter should be changed. Depending on the intensity of the tobacco a microfilter lasts for 5-10 cigarettes.
Made in Italy.

For summary:

- Length: approx. 26 mm
- Inner diameter: approx. 5 mm
- Toxic reduction (e.g. nicotine and tar) of up to 60%
- Less staining of the teeth
- 10 SLIM Microfilters per package
- 24 packages per box