Drinking Roulette Set

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Take your party to the next level with this Drinking Roulette Set. The classic game of roulette takes a fun twist when it is combined with the excitement of casino gambling and at-home drinking. To play, simply select the shot glass of your choice. Depending on the number of people, players could have more than one glass. Players take turns spinning the wheel. If the ball lands in one of your assigned numbers, take a shot.

That glass is then removed from the game. If the ball lands on a number that has already been removed from the game, that player passes and game play continues until all the shot glasses have been removed. This game can be played with beer for a longer game, or with hard liquor for a shorter game. Each set comes with 16 numbered shot glasses (eight red, eight black), two roulette balls and a roulette wheel. The wheel (including the spaces for the shot glasses) measures approximately 11.5 inches in diameter. The item is 1.5 inches tall. The shot glasses measure 1.25 inches tall and each hold 1 ounce of liquid. The gold-colour roulette wheel spins smoothly to ensure accurate play. The shot glasses can be removed from the rim of the game for easy cleaning. This item makes a great gift for housewarming parties, bachelor parties, at-home game nights and more. This product is intended for use by responsible adults who meet the legal drinking age in their respective states/countries/territories. Please drink responsibly.