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Pork Life Balance - French Saucisson Bites


Saucisson is a delicious dry-cured sausage originating from France.

Made from 100% minced pork and mixed with salt, black peppercorns and garlic, the saucisson is cured and air-dried for weeks to produce a rich flavour and a soft and melting texture. The spices discretely envelopes your taste buds with each bite.

  • Artisanal quality dry-cured pork sausage
  • 100% pork
  • Long curing time for maximum flavour
  • Shelf-stable
  • Gluten-Free
  • Soy-Free
  • No MSG or colorants added

PLB's French Saucisson Bites

PLB's French Saucisson Bites is the first of its kind to be locally produced in India.

Our French Saucisson Bites have been sliced for optimal convenience and flavour. It is ready to eat straight from the pack, in the best size possible to deliver the right amount of flavour punch per bite.

How to eat

Incredibly versatile, PLB’s French Saucisson is ready to be eaten straight out of the pack as a snack or part of a charcuterie platter. It is also a flavourful addition to any dish — pasta, pizza, sandwiches, stew, the list is never ending!


More than just a sausage, experience France in a package..