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Glass Clear Rolling Paper - 1 1/4th

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  • Made from 100% natural plant cellulose, these clear rolling papers give you a slow, healthy burn while being completely transparent. The rolling papers naturally stick together so there is no gum on them. Each pack comes with 40 leaves.
  • These Glass rolling papers are some of the best clear rolling papers around. These Glass rolling papers burn clean and smooth, with little ash, perfect for an everyday smoke. The clear rolling paper lets you see the tobacco inside the paper, letting everyone around know how good your tastes in tobacco are.
  • Glass Clear Rolling Papers are the original clear papers from Brazil. They are made using the pure plant cellulose of the highest quality and burn completely evenly with no runs and a smooth finish.
  • Luxe Glass Clear Transparent Rolling Papers are 100% natural organic plant material and so sheer they stick to themselves! 
  • These are short papers or 1 1/4ths