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Goa Kit

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Need all your rolling accessories in one box?

We have the exact gift box you're looking for.

This box consists of:

1 x Raw King Size Skin

1 x Gizeh King Size Skin

1 x Slimjim King Size Skin

1 x Kick Blue King Size Skin

1 x Kush Herbal Prerolled Cones

1 x Blunt/Hemp Wrap

1 x Slimjim Slushies King Size Skin (Flavours may vary)

1 x Slimjim 3D Mixing Bowl (Small)

1 x Slimjim 3m Rolls

1 x Slimjim Brown Roach Pad

1 x Slimjim Designer Roach Pad

1 x Raw Perforated Wide Tips

1 x Slimjim Slushies Air Freshener

 2 x Slimjim Hurricone Pre Rolled Cone

1 x Slimjim Doob Tube

1 x Slimjim Pocket Ashtray

1 x Lighter

1 x Mint

2 x Slimjim Stickers