The Leaf - Handcrafted Marble Chillum (6 Inches)

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It's the oldest and most longest surviving tradition in our Indian culture to light a Chillum by the sacred Ganges while various praises to Lord Shiva are chanted like "Boom Shankar" and the chillum being passed to the person on the right in the circle. Embracing the tradition, we bring to you the best designed Chillums for your 'chanting sessions' with your circle.

Made out of glazed marble with a subtle handmade design over the entire Chillum. Each Chillum has a Chillum stone which sits inside the pipe.

  • Best quality marble
  • Handcrafted in India
  • Gauze or tips not required
  • Low maintenance 


Package Contents

1 X Chillum with Stone

1 X Plastic Grinder

1 X Cleaner

1 X Pouch