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How to never get caught smoking weed!

How to never get caught smoking weed!


The only bad thing about smoking up is getting caught. Having always lived with my family, my second life as a stoner sometimes seems like a drag to keep up to. You know that things escalate if they catch a whiff off of you, bust your stash, or notice your rather red eyes, so we’re always trying to figure out techniques to be in the clear. And innovation is key to the forever evolving cannabis culture, be it in terms of consuming marijuana or making people believe you don’t.

A few pointers to keep in mind to keep you on the right side of things!

Keep It Lowkey

Stay discreet about your habit and don’t keep your stash in plain sight. Staying lowkey goes a long way, try not to smoke around the vicinity that you live in and certainly don’t smoke at home. If your parents don’t know about you smoking, don’t take your smoking supplies home. But sometimes you don’t have a choice; in such situations look for stash kits that look like everyday objects that blend easily with your belongings, a huge zip-lock is not one of them. Go for a rolling pouch which serves you not only as a storage option but makes rolling easier. The Slimjim Tool Kit is also something you might want to consider adding to your arsenal.  


Smoking at Home is Dangerous

Smoking at home can get you in a lot of trouble, the smell lingers and with it, lingers evidence. Use the classic dryer sheets method or smoke out of an open window. Vaping doesn’t leave behind the dreaded charred smell, so you can try switching to a vape if you need to smoke at home. You can also take a look at Smoke Ghost.

Come Prepared

You know that one friend who always carries a sanitizer, hand cream, eye drops, perfume, mints and lip balm? Be like that friend! Come prepared with all the essentials you need for your session and after. Cleaning up after a sesh can save you from your mom; who can smell smoke before you enter the house, from the cops and from the one person at work who gets in the lift with you right after you’ve smoked. To make life a little easier for you, we have hand curated this Clean Up Kit with all your session essentials.

Don’t Try Too Hard

Staying low key is one thing, but trying very hard to act inconspicuous, being vigorously paranoid and alert pulls attention to you will make you look guilty, and that is exactly why you need to smoke without acting like you are doing something wrong. Take it from us, looking innocent will make you pass off as unimpeachable. And at the end of the day you can always say “This is rolled tobacco, I don’t even know what weed is.”

Smoke responsibly and stay out of trouble guys, Happy Smoking!