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Struggles of a Stoner: Girl Edition

Struggles of a Stoner: Girl Edition

Men really don’t understand how easy they have it.. a stoner got 99 problems, but a female stoner got 100. 


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Buying is our first biggest problem!

Imagine always having to ask someone else to score for you, at the oddest time’s of the day, in dire situations; one out of the 4 people you ask, will reluctantly agree to do it for you. And when we’re not asking our guy friends to pick stash for us, we’re trying to do it ourselves.

There are only two possibilities to when we’re out on the expedition:

  1. Imagine a group of girls ( yes we score in groups of 3 or 4, because none of us are brave enough to go alone) walking into a shady lane, completely out of place and clueless on which one of the many creepy dudes is going to do the deal. 90% of the times we return home empty handed.
  2. Or calling the plug, almost always having to pay more than a guy would. And congratulations if your plug is a douche, because then he’s definitely not giving you how much you paid for.


In hindsight, I’ve never thanked any of my buddies, so I speak for all my girls out there, and graciously thank all the brave hearts who have ever helped us out. You the real G!

A very annoying stereotype that every girl deals with, is that we are bad at rolling. There’s always that one guy that will not let you roll, because he is convinced that the doob is going to be as flimsy as his manhood. Added bonus: no one ever trusts your capacity. They assume that as many as three drags will be enough for me to reach the astral plane. Speaking of session buddies, it is close to impossible for us to have a stoner girl gang, because there’s only a few of us. And so you’ll always see, our average friend circle is more populated with the opposite sex. We do not mind it, but we’d prefer sisters over misters!

Treat this as a public service announcement and share it with your friends, to air your grievances. If there’s anything that you think we missed out, tweet us with #sessionstruggles, or use the hashtag on any social media.