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This 420, we're giving you 20 reasons why weed shouldn't be legal!

This 420, we're giving you 20 reasons why smoking pot shouldn't be legal!

Did you know that marijuana cannot be legal because smoking weed isn't just a taboo among people who know no better, but also, stoners are aggressively calm people? And that's not all, there are 20 more reasons why weed should never be legal. 
You would die laughing at that Instagram meme your friend just shared.
Weekends would be so much worse if everyone started smoking weed, instead of getting sloshed, blacking out and waking up with a hellish hangover, you’d enjoy your night out and remember it.
All the Pizza chains in the world would run out of everyone's favorite food.
You’d forget to switch on the switch for your phone charger.
You might fall asleep with your T.V. switched on, and imagine how harmful that is!
If you’re a tobacco smoker, you’d stop smoking cigs and who doesn’t want their life to be threatened with cancer?
You’d lose all your lighters.
And you know that smoking pot makes you impossibly calm even though your anxiety is through the roof? 
You’d mistake the carpet for your cat and pet it for an hour or two.
Colors would be too bright to look at!!

You might just watch a whole movie on mute, or play the video game with your controller switched off.
Remember that packet of cookies and creme your best friend got back from Dubai? You might just finish that in one sitting.
Smoking up makes you have too much fun to deal with.
Your pet dog Scooby, would get too fat cause you’d feed him 5 times a day.
Music would tell you too many stories.

Instead of driving rashly under the influence of alcohol, people would drive under the speed limit.
The dessert would be unbelievably amazing.
And you’d order too much Chinese food before delving into that blueberry cheesecake.

You will have too many brilliant ideas to handle.

Write to us on social media with #slimjimnosmoking with why you think weed shouldn't be legal, and we'll feature your reasons on our next blog!