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Top 5 Coffee Shops in Amsterdam

Top 5 Coffee Shops in Amsterdam



Amsterdam, Europe's weed capital is famous for its cycles & canals. Either of these two modes of transport can get you anywhere in the city. We got ourselves a couples of bikes and cycled around the city in search of the best coffee shop. What was our criteria? Our top priority was the weed and price which was followed by ambiance, munchies and overall experience. Lets start from the top.


#5 The Bull Dog Cafe (All Over Amsterdam)


You will find a Bull Dog Cafe at almost every street in Amsterdam. This is undoubtedly the most famous coffee shop across Amsterdam. Scores of youngsters pop in and out of the cafe with small bags of weed, hash and space cake. The display of the product is on a screen with the prices scrolling by against the strain. We bought a Gram of Silver Haze and sat down with a ice coffee topped with whipped cream. The weed felt short on quantity but made up for it in potency. The constant hustle of the cafe coupled with uncomfortable seating made this a no go to actually sit and smoke at. The best part about coming here was the iced coffee, haven't had a better one yet. We also took home a doggy back with 2 space cakes for 7 Euros each. Skip this, you'd rather buy another gram.



Weed - 3/5

Pricing - 2/5

Ambiance - 1/5

Munchies - 4/5

Overall - 3/5



#4 Prix Di Ami - (500M from Centraal Station)


The closest coffee shop to centraal station with bright pink interiors and frames on multiple walls. They have two sections one down as you enter where you can buy the weed and a seating section on top to sample their product. They had multiple strains on sale with the average price starting from 12 EU. The also claimed to have more potent US Strains that started from a steep 30 EU per gram. We were heading to catch a train to Berlin for a couple of days and picked up 5 grams from here which happens to be the legal selling limit. For a total of 74 EU we had 5 different strains, 2 Indicas and 3 Sativas in our pocket and were ready to catch the train. 


Weed - 2/5

Pricing - 1/5

Ambiance - 2/5

Munchies - 3/5 (Did not Try but were available)

Overall - 2/5


#3 The Blue Lagoon ( Near Vondel Park)


Roughly 700M from the Vondel Park Back gate, this laid back and easy coffee shop had just the right vibe. With 6 strains on offer, coupled with 4 different types of hash all priced under 15 EU for a g. The munchies section was limited but the weed was pungent and in good quantity. They also have a washroom and a small smoking section indoors.



Weed - 3/5

Pricing - 3/5

Ambiance - 2/5

Munchies - 2/5 (Did not Try but were available)

Overall - 2.5/5


#2 DNA Coffee shop - Achillesstraat


Far away from the hustle of centraal is the DNA coffee shop, with modest basic interiors and a tiny hole in the wall smoking room, this place focuses purely on the product and has little to do with the sampling of it, after all it is legal throughout the country, so why not smoke outdoors under the beautiful summer sun. The bud tenders were happy to share information & recommendations on the strains and were very helpful with selection. We bought 2 strains from here, one Purple Kush, A Blue Cheese and a Lemon Haze. All three were top quality and nice bulky nugs. This was by far the best value for money on the weed. 


Weed - 5/5

Pricing - 4/5

Ambiance - 2/5

Munchies - 1/5 (Did not Try but were available)

Overall - 3/5

Here are some Do's and Dont's to make sure you roll right into the coffee shop culture

#1 Hunters Coffee Shop - All Over

We bought the Super Silver Haze for 11 EU a g and a couple of hot chocolates to go with it. They have a nice outdoor seating and are right next door to the Hunters bar. The weed was averagely priced but it hit me well since it was the first time in the morning. The interiors were slightly dark and the bud tender a tad bit disinterested but the weed more then made up for it,


Weed - 3/5

Pricing - 3/5

Ambiance - 3/5

Munchies - 2/5 

Overall - 3/5



1 - Never buy pre rolled doobs, always roll your own

2 - Smoke only Sativas in the day and Indicas at night to ensure you enjoy the entire day

3 - Some cafes do not allow tobacco joints to be smoked on their premises, check before lighting yours


1 - Take a good whiff of the strain you want to buy before you do

2 - Ask as many questions as you need to about what you are buying