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Raw Six Shooter

RAW Six Shooter for King Size Cones

  • RAWthentic | 100% Authentic product from RAW. This is the perfect gift for those who are tired of hand rolling or people who simply do not know or have the time to learn how to hand roll.
  • Functional | Can roll one, two, or six king size RAW cones in less than one minute! The Six Shooter gives you the luxury of filling pre-rolled cones without making a mess or wasting herbal blend in the process. Also serves as a cone storage.
  • Effortless | This Six Shooter is loved by all kinds of people for its ease of use, simply load up your pre-rolled cones and you are almost done! Pack in your smoking content tightly and done. Requires minimum effort and produces maximum comfort.
  • Click Here to buy.

RAW - Hands free smoker

RAW - Hands free smoker 

The raw hands free smoker goes around your neck. With the built in joint holder and ashtray you can finally smoke hands free. crafted for smokers with heat resistant nylon and an adjustable silicone tip holder.

If you're a gamer and love puffing while playing , this product is specially made for you!

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Piecemaker - kuban

Piecemaker - Kuban

The Kuban is a high quality silicone cigar-style chillum pipe that can go with you everywhere and always be disguised. The Kuban comes packaged with some awesome add-ons including a grinder card/stand, cleaning tool and glass bowl. Smokers worldwide - pick up your stogie and enjoy your next sesh with the Kuban from Piecemaker.

  • Limited Edition
  • Discreet, Elegant and Refined
  • Cigar Style Chillum Pipe
  • High Quality, Flexible Silicone Body
  • Grinder Card/Stand Included
  • Borosilicate Glass Bowl Included
  • Cleaning Tool Included
  • Available in Two Styles - Maduro and Oscuro

Buy The Kuban here.



Hemp Heroes - Stoner board game

Hemp Heroes - Stoner Board Game

Add some serious fun to your smoking sessions with this weed-themed board game. Collect cannabis strains, win cannabis cups, and pile gram after gram onto your stash.

Move your pawn over the board and buy as many cannabis strains as possible. The aim of the game is to own all cannabis strains from a company. Are you the last remaining player with a cannabis stock? Then you are the biggest “Hemp Hero”!

Players: 2 to 6
Age: 16 – 99 years
Playtime: 15 to 20 minutes

Get Hemp Heroes Here.



Jpaq by Paqcase.Jpaq By Paqcase


The Ultimate case to protect and preserve your pre-rolls.

  • SAY GOODBYE TO BROKEN JOINTS: Tired of having your Pre-rolls crushed? This strong, crush-proof polypropylene joint case provides premium protection for your Joints, Blunts, and Cigarettes. The PP plastic is 100% recyclable too, making it a must have for environmentally conscious people.
  • GASKET SEAL FOR DISCREET CONVENIENCE: Want to discreetly carry your cannabis or cigarettes wherever you go? The JPAQ preroll case features a gasket seal to keep odors in. It’s the odor resistant container perfect for enjoying your pleasures without worry.
  • ROACH COACH TO KEEP EVERYTHING SEPARATED: Don’t want to throw away your roach? The separate “Roach Coach” compartment will come in handy for storing your roaches. Unsmoked prerolls remain fresh and free from the odors of your partially smoked blunts/joints.
  • HOLDS 5 KING SIZE PRE-ROLLS: Tired of those small single joint tubes? The JPAQ case features 5 individually slotted compartments. Each compartment fits a king size pre-roll from 84mm-110mm in length (ex. Raw Cones). Perfect for holding anything from your large hand-rolled joints to standard size cigarettes with ease.

Get your jpaq here.




Acti tube - activated charcoal filtersPurize - Active charcoal filters White Elephant - Active charcoal filters 420z - Active carbon filters

Actived Charcoal Filters

A perfect doob is made of three main components - The mix, the rolling paper, and the roach / filter tips!

However, the roach is not given much importance and is easily replaced with visiting cards, railway tickets, cigarette box lid or anything you can work with.

We need to realise that the tip is one of the most important component for your doob, as it all depends on how perfect the roach tip is, if you roll a flimsy roach, the doob is not gonna be a perfect. 

Activated Charcoal filter is the best innovation made for a smoker to have a better experience on every toke. They filter out the trash - only smoke pure, they're clean and firm to roll, smoke all the way to the end without crying your eyes out or burning your lips black!

What are you waiting for? Switch to activated charcoal filters today and you'll never go back to normal roach tips! ;)

Check out the best collection of activated charcoal filters here.




Combi - All in one holderCombi - All in one holder

Combi - All in one holderCombi - All in one holder

 Combi - All in one holder

Combi here solves all your RYO problems! Say goodbye to crumbled rolling papers, roaches, doobs!

With the built in grinder - it is all you need to carry for your sesh! Crush, roll, store or smoke on the go!

Get the Combi Here.




Medtainer - Storage containers

Medtainers - Storage + Grinder

There’s something to be said for popularity. Medtainers have got everyone's attention right.

Publicly traded, Medtainer’s motto of “Store – Grind – Pour” has thrust them into the spotlight of multifunctional containers because they are one of the best storage and grinder combinations available.

Airtight and water-proof, Medtainer grinders are typically used for storing your "Flowers"  and are perfect for the adventurous smoker on the go.

If you can’t find a Medtainer in a color or design that suits your tastes, you have no taste.

Checkout the best collection of medtainers here.



Slimjim Leather pouch Slimjim leather rolling pouch

Slimjim Leather Rolling Pouch

It's 2021 and if you still use a "Base Paper" to roll, then this blog isn't for you!

This pouch was made for smokers who prefer hassle free rolling  – any time, any place. With a satisfying snap, the pouch unzips and everything you need is right at hand. Premium soft leather gives you that class you need!

  • Portable and easy to take anywhere
  • High-quality leather – naturally keeps your material moist
  • Zip-Unzip - storage space
  • Quality craftsmanship: stylish and sturdy
  • Stores everything you need to roll up & light up

Buy Premium leather rolling pouches here.



Clipper - Rose gold lighter

Clipper Metallic - Rose Gold

Clipper lighter has a cult following in the Roll Your Own community due to its reliability. It's bad omen to lose a clipper!

It's flint system doubles as a tamper or poker for those who "Roll Your Own" and the lighter even releases additional butane when used horizontally or upside down, making lighting a bowl, that much easier.

This Clipper rose gold is a must-have in your sesh bag!

Get your clipper here.



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