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June 24, 2020


1.Dexter (Dexter's Laboratory)

(Illustration Credit ; Trippy Toons)


A boy genius ready to take over the world with science often finds his inventions fucked up because of his sister,

If only DeeDee would smoke that doobie , we could all have 0 gravity weed and flying bongs.


A perfect show to watch with a couple of Slimjim Slushiesto match the flavors of each episode

Click Hereto tune in back to the past.



2.Top Cat (Top Cat)

(Illustration Credit ; Trippy Toons)

 Missing your O.G. squad, then here is a toon that you should definitely watch, Going back to a time with Fancy-Fancy, Spook, Benny the Ball, Brain, and Choo Choo and Top Cat as they takeover Manhattan.

Its time to bring out the big guns with a show to enjoy with the squad. 

A no brainier pack of pre-rolled cones because nobody to roll so many 

Catch the adventures of Top Cat here



3.Ryu & Master Ken (Street Fighter)

(Illustration Credit ; Trippy Toons)

Back to the good old gaming days where your elder sibling would disconnect your controller just to beat ya at street fighter , 

How times have changed where now he gives me the flame while i boom the chillum.

Brush up your skills and relive the magic of Street Fighter 2 here




4.Cow & Chicken (Cow & Chicken)

(Illustration Credit ; Trippy Toons)


You always got to hide the good bud, Especially if your sisters a cow and just eats up all the good green. 

A perfect time for the quick tokes and whats better than 1 1/4ths

Watch Cow & Chicken here


5.NUMBER 4 (Kids Next Door)

(Illustration Credit ; Trippy Toons)

Another one with the squad , while Kids Next Door was one of my favourite shows as a child, i always thought Number 4 hid his eyes cause they were BLAZEDDDD. 

A perfect time to roll premium and nothing complements this show better than King Palms

Catch the adventures of K.N.D. here

6.Kim Possible (Kim Possible)

(Illustration Credit ; Trippy Toons)

This one is specially for all those stoner chicks who had to deal with the amount of shit till a day where they could kick back roll up and smoke one in peace. YOU GO GIRL ! 

A badass show like this deserves a few hits from some pretty dope glass pipes

Watch Kim Possible here

7.Prince Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z)

(Illustration Credit ; Trippy Toons)


A muscle buff who still finds the time to spark up is the true winner here. 

These big guns call for the big guns 

Watch Dragon Ball Z here

  1. Wolverine (X – Men)

(Illustration Credit ; Trippy Toons)

"I'm gonna cut your god damn head off. ..."

Something i have to tell all my doobs right before i spark them. 

To get through all the X-Men movies a stack of papers would also be less, 

glad we got no limit on the amount of skinsyou buy. 

Watch the X- Men here


  1. Little Green Men (Toy Story)

(Illustration Credit ; Trippy Toons)

Here is a thought, all your childhood toys come to life.

Help you crush roll and even light up with you. 

Oh what a perfect day 

A great series requires A GREAT BOX ,

Watch Toy Story here


  1. Woodstock (Snoopy)

(Illustration Credit ; Trippy Toons)

A toon to cuddle up and watch with your bae. while Snoopy , Woodstock and Charlie deal with life, its nice to kick back and roll one with the right one 

Definitely needs all the love possible and would recommend some Blunt Wraps to set the mood 

 Watch Snoopy here

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