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Change the way you roll

Change the way you roll

Anyone who has sworn allegiance to the art of 420 blazin should know that there are crazy ways of rolling up your stash and this article acquaints you with 5 such ways to do so. Some of them can actually pass off as marvels of modern architecture and are surely going to get you as high as a kite.

1. The Shotgun Joint

Smoking out of it is hit straight from a shotgun,there is no getting up.

This basic tutorial does give an idea of what needs to be done, but id suggest a few changes.

for starters I would prefer hemp skin over the OCB just for maximum flavor of your flowers.

Recommendations (Slimjim Hemp, Raw Hemp, Elements Red

For the Roach, Please DO NOT TARE IT, use 2 papers, the roach is the most crucial part of the entire roll so take your time,and make 2 of the perfect roaches.

Recommendations (Slimjim, Babajee, Raw Perforated)


2. The Scorpion Joint

A Scorpion Joint is nothing short of a masterpiece, because it requires certain level of origami expertise too!

Yeah.. No id follow this word to word 

Sine its a premium experience, just to take it to the next level i would recommend

the Smoking deluxe luxury pack . (Available in brown skins too)


3. The Triple Braid

Won't it be awesome to smoke out of a triple coil and inhale thrice the amount of smoke? 

While the art of rolling was still fairly new to me, this was the first i could perfect. Its simple yet a banger. 

Recommendations (Slimjim Slushies, Juicy Jays Rolls, Kick Slim Blue)


4. Dutch Tulip

Having a thick anterior, these joints produce a really heavy hit. They look like tulips as they burn; and hence the name.

Here's how to make a Dutch Tulip:

A flower for your lady is the best gift always, especially if its loaded up with THAT much flower. 

Recommendations - 

A cone roach just to give your base joint a wider flow. 

(Raw Maestro,Smoking Deluxe Luxury Kit)

For the top tulip, A blunt wrap just gives it a better burn and flavour

(Double Platinum,Juicy Jays)


5. Plumbers Joint

With a tunnel for the best airflow, the 'Plumbers Joint' has definitely raised the bar for creative rolling genius!

Here is the correct way to roll this one

 A flow so strong you are surely going to be coughing. so my advice would be to have a bottle of water around, you are going to need it. 

 Recommendations - 

Rolling this in Backwoods just elevates the entire experience but you could also try it out with Smoking Thinnest, Raw Black, Slimjim White Gold


So get rolling and fly higher than ever. And don't forget to share the knowledge with your fellow sesh buddies. 

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