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Bongs Galore!

Glass Bongs vs Silicone Bongs

Bongs! An important invention amongst our community that has made indulging in a little herbal goodness easier and livelier but just like everything in this world of ours bongs came in with their fair share of cons along with pros. 

Now we as a species tend to find out different ways to decrease the amount of cons and further upgrade an already existing concept. When it came to bongs, a certain individual decided to improve the traditional glass bong into something sturdier and easy to carry. Thus the creation of silicone bongs!

Hi folks it’s Mr.Slim here and today we’ll be diving deep into the subject of the two types of bongs that are popular amongst users. 



 Bongs can be traced back to the early 16th Century where a physician named Hakim Abul Fath invented the first ever bong in the entire world. Working under the reign of emperor Akbar, he suggested that tobacco should first be passed through a small amount of water for it to be rendered harmless.  

Traditional bongs required a few other materials such as a slow burning paper wick and a coal stove to initiate the sesh. 

Now that we’ve gone through a little history lesson about bongs let’s look at the comparison between Glass Bongs and Silicone Bongs.  


Glass Bongs: 

Whenever you shop for bongs, the ones made out of glass are always at the forefront, the main reason being when you have a sesh with a glass bong, nasty chemicals or flavours are removed from the equation as glass doesn’t contain any chemicals or toxins. So if you are tasting a bit of flavour don’t worry that’s just how your stash tastes.  

trippy glass bong

The main drawback however is the fragility of glass. Now you’ve probably heard or experienced the sheer sadness a broken glass bong entails. Carrying a glass bong is a hassle since the quality of glass used in the production of these bongs is the same that you find in beverage bottles which are meant to be thrown after use, so there’s a high risk of accidental damage.

The beauty of a glass bong lies in the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into its creation. It becomes easier for an artist to showcase their creativity through glass, hence the reason why certain glass bongs tend to be a bit pricier than silicone bongs.  


Silicone Bongs: 

Now Silicone Bongs are in a completely different league of their own. Silicone being flexible and durable, you don’t have to worry about shattering it or damaging it through your clumsy hands. Due to their flexibility you can fold them up and store it neatly while traveling and it’ll simply pop back into shape when you want to use it! 

colorful silicon bongs

When it comes to cleaning, I’d say cleaning a silicone bong is as simple as cleaning a glass one the only difference being one sparkles and shines after cleaning while the other one looks a bit brighter depending on the colour you decided to go for.  

Talking in terms of artistry and craftsmanship, there is little space for artists to showcase their creative design work as it is difficult to draw designs on silicone. 


Now that we’ve gained a bit of clarity about glass and silicone, here are a few recommendations that you can bring into your next sesh. 


Piecemaker Collection:

Coming in highly recommended, you should definitely check out Piecemaker's range of silicone bongs that have been designed and crafted to be unbreakable and super easy to clean! 

If I were to pick my personal favourite it would be Kirby. 

Piecemaker Kirby


It's Christmas everyday with Kirby and I couldn't feel more delighted! 


Check out Piecemaker's Kirby   here



Kooke Silicone Smoking Pipe: 

An odd recommendation but if you love rick and morty, you should definitely check out Kooke’s Rick Silicone smoking pipe. Crafted with rick’s face at the forefront combined with his signature grin. 

Kooke rick silicone smoking pipe

Bringing this pipe into the fold will definitely spark a trippy vibe in your sesh. Check out Kooke’s range of trippy silicone pipes   here. 

Which type of bong do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below! 




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