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Top 8 Date Ideas For Stoner Couple

Top 8 Date Ideas For Stoner Couple | Slimjim India

Normal dates, such as going to the movies or out to dinner, become much more exciting when both people are high. If you're both too high to plan your next date, we've made it as simple as possible. Get baked and check out these ten fantastic ideas.

1. Dessert Hunting

desserts stoned | slimjim

Visit all of your favorite dessert sports. Going for a totally baked stroll on a sunny day will lift your spirits if you're in the city. Visit all of the best dessert spots you know. You and your partner may even discover a new favorite location. If you are too lazy to go just order in. Checkout our munchies collection.

doritos roasted corn | slimjimcheetos | Slimjimtwix salted caramel mini | Slimjim  Online


2. Theme Park / Arcade / Planetarium

Arcade | Slimjim  

Visit an arcade or theme park. Try an amusement park if you want an adrenaline rush. It's a great place to spend the entire day. If you live in a city, you may only be able to see a few stars. Fortunately we got Planetariums. 

If you're from Mumbai definetly visit these places [ VR Games at Smash, Go Karting at Ajmera

 3. Attend a standup comedy

wake and bake rohan joshi standup comedy | Slimjim

Stoned people make the best standup comedy audience. Rohan Joshi would agree, checkout our limited edition tips Wake & Bake  in collaboration with man himself.

Rohan Joshi wake and bake limited edition tips | Slimjim

4. Netflix And Chill (Not what you think ;))

Netflix and chill | slimjim

You can always stay in if you are too baked to move or do anything, or if the weather is bad. One of the best stoner date ideas is also one of the simplest to execute. You'll spend some quality time cuddling. [ checkout our blog mind bending movies you can watch while blazed ] Get comfy with your bae in our oversized t-shirts. Check them out now 


5. Play Video Games

video games | slimjim

Getting baked and playing video games may sound like the ideal way to spend a Friday night at home alone, but if you enjoy playing video games, you should share your passion with your date. Now, you can smoke hands-free! Enjoy your favorite RYO while gaming. Check it now.

Raw - hands free smoker | Slimjim

6. Stargazing / Take a walk along a nature trail

If screens, stress, and modern life are draining you, it's time to recharge in nature. Gather your supplies, light a fire, and go for a hike. Just make sure you pick a safe, well-travelled trail. To help you relax your sore muscles get our CBD muscle recovery oil. What could be more romantic than a date under the stars?  It's an incredible experience on its own, but being high just amplifies it. Just remember to be cautious & discreet. Want to carry some on the way ? Here's how you can secretly store. [ Click here to know more ]

Vice Rays | SlimjimBoheco Life Muscle Relief Oil | Slimjim

7. Long Drive

stoned driving | Slimjim

 A long drive and music session sounds like an ideal way to spend time together, and being stoned can add to the overall experience. Although we do not encourage driving under the influence, but you can always tag along in the backseat. No more ash in your car with Raw Catcher. Check it out 

Raw Catcher | Slimjim Online

8. BANG after BONG!!

This might be last on our list but first on your mind :) Cannabis is well-known for assisting lovers in turning up the heat. A few puffs can help you relax, feel closer, and increase the intensity of your physical sensations. According to many reports it also leads to better orgasm for female. Set up your mood with our CBD infused aroma oils & scented candles.

scented hemp bubble candle | Slimjimcure by design therapeutic body oil romance | Slimjim

Let us know what other crazy ideas you think would make an epic date for all the stoner couples out there. 


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