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Carbon Filter Gratification

Slimjim Active Carbon Filters | Slimjim India

How’s it hanging folks!? It’s me Mr. Slim back again to enlighten you fine folk about a new product we’re about to launch. Before the big reveal let me give you a vague description of what it is. It’s a product that reduces the tar intake in your lungs. Amazing right!? You might be wondering but Mr. Slim how the heck am I supposed to use this product, do I have to get a procedure done to attach it to my lungs or do I need to wear it like a patch? 





Don’t you worry guys because it’s time for the big reveal. Introducing  Slimjim’s Active Carbon Filters! These bad boys are made with ultra premium ceramic filters we could find and contain high grade bits of coconut coal that helps in filtering pollutants and the amount of tar that reduces the amount of tar entering your lungs. 



Talking about the experience of using these filters, they come in a tiny and attractive box that stands out and is sure to make individuals a bit curious about it. The filter has tiny holes that traps the tar when you inhale or puff your doob. After I finished puffing, I noticed that the bottom of the filter was quite black because of all the trapped tar.
Slimjim Active Carbon Filters (6mm)        Slimjim Classic Active Carbon Filter

This made me come to the conclusion that the smoothness I experienced was because of the reduced tar content entering my body. The buzz too was much more mellow than what I normally would experience when using a plain filter. So this definitely was a bonus for me. Not only is the smoothness a plus but I also get a mellow buzz. Truly you guys should definitely switch to using activated charcoal filters the experience is completely different and fresh!

So folks if you’re looking for a way to smoothen and filter out your smoking experience, Slimjim’s Activated Charcoal Filters are the way to go! They’re available in two variants: Camo Carbon Filters and Classic Carbon Filters.  

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