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Celebrating 420 in style!

Celebrating 420 in style!

The greatest time of the year is just around the corner for us stoners to celebrate! Now for the ones who are scratching their heads wondering why 420 is so special to us, don’t worry let us take through the journey of 420! 

Hey folks it’s Mr.Slim here and today we’ll be exploring the origin of 420 and also look at the best paraphernalia out there that you can use to celebrate this special day in style. 

The Origin:

Generations have tried to figure out where the significance of “420” emerged, so out of all the wild theories put out there we decided to feature the ones that have a bit of credibility supporting the idea. 

Heading back to the 70’s the number “420” started getting popularized amongst the cannabis community when there was talk about a group of teenagers from California, that would smoke marijuana ritualistically at 4:20 pm everyday. This ritual started spreading from word of mouth and hence the legendary time and day was founded. 

Another popular belief is, 420 was the penal code for marijuana in the state of California.



The true origin of “420” may be subjective but the spirit of sparking up and feeling good is unanimous amongst our community!

Now that we’ve gotten that clear, here are a few items that will help you celebrate the true spirit of 420 in style!


  1. Piecemaker Kirby: 


Starting our list with number 1 we’ve got Piecemaker’s Kirby silicone bong. Unbreakable and available in a range of beautiful colours, we know 420 can get you feeling a bit clumsy. So instead of going through the sad process of picking up glass pieces why not celebrate 420 with the strong, durable and vibrant Piecemaker Kirby Bong! 

Click here to check it out. 


2. RAW Six Shooter: 

Next up at number 2 we’ve got the RAW Six Shooter. For the ones celebrating with their friends, the RAW six shooter is here to take care of all your needs. Instead of sitting and rolling all day, grab a couple of RAW pre rolled cones, place them into the holes of the six shooter, fill in your herbs and voila! You’re all set to celebrate 420 with efficiency and style! 

Check out RAW’s Six Shooter  here!



3. Kaseki Handmade Chillum: 


Next up at number 3 is Kaseki’s handmade chillum. This is the perfect paraphernalia for the ones who want to embrace the traditional way of taking a hit on 420. Made from premium Italian clay and equipped with a stylish carrying case, and hand painted featuring artwork from Amal Nair, spark a cool vibe this 420 with Kaseki’s Handmade Chillum. 

Check it out  here.


4. Slimjim Gold Rolling Paper: 


Coming in at number 4 we’ve got our own inhouse gold rolling papers! Made with premium grade 24k gold and easy to roll with, 420 is about to get twice as lit with Slimjim’s gold rolling paper!

Check it out here. 



5. Elements 4 Piece Grinder: 


Ending with number 5 we’ve got Elements 4 piece grinder to recommend. Celebrating 420 is all about relaxing and unwinding with your favourite herb, so why should you grind with your hands and tire yourself out? Instead grind your herbs in this beautiful grinder that has an anodized blue finish coupled with a scraper that helps you scrape out every particle with ease. 

Check out this beauty  here.


We wish you all a happy 420! Cheers.

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