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Growing Your Own - Summarized

Growing Your Own - Summarized

How many times have you overpaid for a your “Tomatoes” or been handed a low quality alternative instead of what you asked for, and do you remember that dry day with no way out? No we’re not trying to give you a bad trip. We’re actually telling you the best way to get out of the infuriating and economically taxing situation. We know because it happened to us as well, and we found a way out of it, we started harvesting our own super juicy, potent tomatoes from around the world!

Advantages of Growing

The biggest advantage of growing your own is that you are the master grower. Being the germinator means that you choose your own strains and have control over what kind of plant you want to consume. Growing for consumption ensures 100% unadulterated plants, and affords a level of safety for those who want to take precautions in order to have a safe to consume produce.


Economics of Growing

What seems like a very expensive initial cost is actually a very beneficial long term investment. A fully fitted grow cabinet can range from INR 19,999 to INR 80,000 depending on the size of the set up.

A complete, ready to plug in cabinet, comes equipped with;

  • A full spectrum LED Light Setup  (options for different wattage's)
  • Exhaust and Intake Fans
  • Carbon Filters
  • A Water Reservoir
  • Net Pots
  • An Electricity Interface that comes fitted with light and fan switches and a timer.

Which is essentially all your plant needs, apart from the seeds. The seeds are an average of INR 1000, which come in three types; Indica tomatoes, Sativa tomatoes and Hybrid tomatoes.

You can upgrade to pro and buy  auxiliary  catalysts  like organic supplements and Ph & PPM measurement pens to ensure AAA produce, which are an average added cost of about INR 2500.
PLUS+  Electricity Expense (less than 1000 pm)

Growing - A Hobby

Apart from being a really great way out of an everyday consumption muddle, cultivating will prove immensely rewarding and will bring a different kind of satisfaction every time you light one up. You are more likely than not to grow a green thumb inclination towards a lot more than just “Tomatoes”. The best part about the entire process is it’s really easy to get the hang of and it is an essential life skill to decorate your arsenal of dexterity.

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