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Hemp infused food for the win!

Hemp infused food for the win!

Hemp has been skyrocketing over the past few years ever since the government provided a sense of clarity regarding the sale and production of hemp related products. From various brands coming up with CBD pain relievers to hemp protein powder the options consumers have are plentiful. 

However, in this broad spectrum of options a few tend to stand out. Hi folks it’s Mr.Slim here, and today we’ll be talking about a Mumbai based cloud kitchen called The Hemp Factory 

Hemp factory launched in May 2022 through a partnership with Boheco, an Indian based Hemp and CBD retailer. Now available on food delivery services such as swiggy, when you browse through their menu you’ll notice stoner centric names decided for their dishes. The names that stood out to me were the Wake N Bake basic pizza and The Marley brownie but it’s not just the names that stand out. 

Their hemp infused dishes besides being delicious, also provides the nutrients and benefits derived from consuming hemp. 

If you do decide to check out Hemp Factory, here’s a list of the top 5 dishes that go along well with a sesh. 


Wake N Bake Pizza: 

At number 1 we have the Wake N Bake Pizza. Crafted with hemp dough and baked with hemp oil, and topped with pomodoro sauce and mozzarella cheese, a single bite elevates your taste buds especially during a sesh. 

Slimjim India

Ordering this pizza when you’ve just sparked a sesh with one of our king sized rolling papers is a 10/10 experience. 




The Marley Brownie: 

Next up at number 2 is the Marley brownie. We all activate our sweet tooths when we’ve just taken a dab. The Marley Brownie is baked with hemp flour and crusted with hemp hearts. Quench your cravings with the marley brownie. 

Slimjim Online Pizza

A fun way to add a bit of fruitiness to the mix is taking a bite out of these brownies after you’ve taken a puff from one of our   flavoured cones.  


Hemp-Zilla Burger:

Next up at number 3 is the Hemp-Zilla Burger. This burger is ideal for the stoners that can’t seem to get full even after having a whole pie of pizza. Made with their own in house hemp bun and combined with juicy hemp crusted chicken patty, having a bit of hemp-zilla goodness after you’re baked will surely make you appreciate the decision of ordering from the hemp factory. 

Slimjim India Snacks

Add in a bit of extra crunch by incorporating chips and dips into the burger. 


Full Spectrum Pesto Pasta: 

At number 4 is the Full Spectrum Pesto Pasta. Crafted with hemp fusilli, hemp hearts and hemp oil, enjoy a full spectrum of flavours after your sesh with the hemp factory’s pesto pasta.

Slimjim India pasta

Elevate your experience further by rolling your J with our  hemp skins


Canna-Meat Sandwich: 

Ending our list with number 5 is the Canna-Meat Sandwich. This is the best sandwich hands down if you appreciate a variety of meats. Crafted with Hemp Focaccia, Chicken Ham, Chicken Salami, Chicken Pepperoni, Mustard, Hemp Mayo, and Arugula, this filling sandwich is perfect to have during a sesh while you’re streaming some awesome tunes. 

Slimjim online Sandwich

Before rolling, instead of using an ordinary roach try out our carbon filters, they help keep the gunk out of your skunk and will enable you to enjoy the Canna-Meat sandwich to the fullest.

Excited to try out the hemp factory? Checkout their full menu and order


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