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Hemp Wraps vs Tobacco Wraps

Hemp Wraps vs Tobacco Wraps

From time to time, the stoner community has evolved from simply sticking to rolling papers to now using bongs and blunt wraps. This ever growing shift was made possible due to availability and a wide range of options made available to users. 

Hi folks it’s Mr.Slim here, today we’ll be drawing a comparison between hemp wraps and tobacco based blunt wraps. 

Ever since the inception of rap, you’ve definitely come across videos where a rapper is smoking something from brown colored wrap. That my friends is a blunt wrap made from a tobacco leaf. Think of it as a cigar but without the Cuban vibes. Now blunt wraps are ideal to use in a situation where you want to enjoy your smoking experience at a slow pace rather than puffing it like a normal smoke and want experience a buzz that completely knocks you out. 

Meanwhile hemp wraps are for users that don’t want any tobacco mixed into their session. Seen as the slightly less harmful brother of blunt wraps, hemp wraps are the ideal entryway for beginners that aren’t too keen on using tobacco while initiating a session. 



When pitted against each other blunt wraps definitely pack more of a punch than hemp wraps, as the tobacco leaf helps in stimulating a stronger buzz, meanwhile hemp wraps help ease you into the session. 

In the end it comes down to you, the user. Would you rather go all out and experience that rush after a few puffs or would you rather take your time and blend into the whole experience. 

We’ve curated a list of hemp and blunt wraps that you could try out! 


Kush Herbal Hemp Wraps:


Starting off with our top pick is Kush Herbal Hemp Wraps. Kush Herbal has a plethora of flavoured and non-flavoured hemp wraps that provide a smooth and delightful experience. Made with infusing terpenes, these hemp wraps provide you with a slow and smooth burn enabling you to have a long last session. 

Slimjim India Hemp Wraps

You can choose between flavoured and non-flavoured options, my personal favourite however has to be their berry gelato flavour! 

Check out Kush Herbal Hemp Wraps   here. 



Kingpin Hemp Wraps:

Next up is the all-time classic Kingpin Hemp Wraps. Before all the fancy brands came up with flavoured hemp wraps, Kingpin was the sole saviour to look towards. Available in 4 distinct flavours, Kingpin hemp wraps are a good choice for users who want to experiment with wraps that don’t contain tobacco. 

kingpin hemp wraps

Check out Kingpin Hemp Wraps  here. 


Juicy Jay’s Hemp Wraps: 


Coming in hot next is Juicy Jay’s Hemp Wraps! Juicy Jay’s comes under the umbrella of RAW, the gigachad brand of rolling papers everyone is familiar with. Juicy Jay’s expanded upon the whole flavoured papers category and now they’re into making tobacco free hemp wraps as well. 

Juicy Jay Hemp Wraps

If you’re looking for a hemp wrap that goes above and beyond to highlight the flavour aspect of it, you should definitely try out Juicy Jay’s Hemp Wraps. 


Check out Juicy Jay’s   here. 


Backwoods Blunt Wraps: 

Ending our list is Backwoods Blunt Wraps! Remember the rap video reference I made earlier? Yeah the blunts that you see were mostly Backwoods blunt wraps. The pioneer of tobacco based wraps, having a session with Backwoods is like graduating from high school to university.

You’ve gained the knowledge of what it feels like to feel euphoric and now you simply want dial that experience upto 11. Available in a range of flavours, I would recommend trying out Backwoods after you’ve experienced the smoothness of hemp wraps. 

backwoods blunt wraps

Check out our Backwoods collection   here.


These were our recommendations, did we miss out on your favourite? Let us know in the comments below. 




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