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Read about Hottest NFT Artists on WazirX on Slimjim India

Hottest NFT Artists on Wazirx

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) were born in 2017 and have grown in popularity since then. The price of non-fungible tokens, on the other hand, is skyrocketing. It has sold in the millions, and it does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

NFT marketplaces are rapidly arriving, and they are drawing a mainstream audience.

  The availability of digital valuables on the blockchain network has sparked a crypto shopping frenzy. It's hot and happening right now.

And it's all because the market has finally agreed that "verifiable and proven ownership of digital objects turns out to provide genuine value." Finance is automatically activated when there is a presence of value.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have shown to be quite valuable (lucrative). The trade of exclusive digital art, music, and other valuables is one of the top NFT ideas in 2022.

These NFT projects are widely regarded as the crypto world's future. In the era of streaming and file sharing, NFT has given the possibility to own the art that the artist has produced. 

Here are some of the most popular NFT artists you can find on Wazirx right now: 

1. Slimjim India.

Where do we even begin to discuss about Slimjim India? Started by two visionaries who decided to diversify into different areas of the smoking paraphernalia industry. They began by selling printed roach pads and are now minting NFTs; our success is due to our eagerness to try new things. Our brand identity has always been associated with high-quality graphics. We recently ventured into the NFT market, and so far, the response has been positive. We've been pumping out a series of Bollywood Bandits, featuring the iconic villains of Bollywood, with the help of our in-house graphic designers.

If you're looking for something more tangible, check out our Slimjim India-exclusive Slim Tribe tees designed by Amal Nair.



2. Commoncompany

If you are a true GOAT (greatest of all time), you should definitely look into the Common Company's NFT collection - Kingdom Of Naigamesha. You will be able to select and explore artworks that have a bold and unconventional inspiration embedded in them.

Common Company

Here are few products visualised by Common Company in collaboration with Slimjim India 


Slimjim Tote Bag | Common CompanySlimjim tote Bag | Common Company

3. Doodlemapuls

Doodlemapuls is a collective of illustrators founded by three architects, Yash Shetty, Amal Nair, and Kirthi Pillai, who have been working together since their early college days and call themselves 'Mapuls,' which is synonymous with 'bantai' (friend) in Tamil and Malayalam. As a result, the name Doodle Mapuls was coined. They create incredible illustrations on T-shirts, jackets, shoes, skateboards, NFT, and even rugs, in a vibrant street culture genre known as hypebeast that is not yet as popular in India as it is in the West. Check out their vibrant collaborations with Slimjim India. 


Here are some of the things that Doodlemapuls created in collaboration with Slimjim India. 





OCtopus Skateboard | Slimjim 



4. Vimal Chandran

Vimal Chandran is an Indian multidisciplinary visual artist who primarily works in illustration, photography, and film. His works are influenced by indigenousfolklore, pop culture, poetry, and childhood memories. His deft blend ofstorytelling and craft is widely admired and recognized by art enthusiasts andthe media all over the world. He has worked with companies such as Lamborghini, Google, Disney, and Amazon, among others.


Check out Vimal Chandran's NFT collection here.

5. Visual Escape

Visual Escape is one of best up-and-coming NFT artists on Wazrix NFT Community. Crocs Republic, his collection, has gained a lot of traction. Visual Escape will be your favourite NFT artist if you like reptiles. You should definitely consider acquiring his Crocs Republic Collection, which combines wacky colours and funky moods. Visual Escape also collaborated and created a unique NFT for Slimjim India.


 Check out Visual Escape's NFT art work here.


The CryptoSauga Stars Club is a moviegoer's journey. Kunal, a simple soul and a family man, was always enchanted by the beauty and charm of films - the heartfelt tears of the beloved actress, the beaming smiles, the blood boiling villainy, the shivering excitements of the fight between the Hero and the Villain, Kunal loved it all. He travels through the metaverse, exploring various sides of the Star in his own form and spirit, clinging to his dream of becoming a star and satisfying his inner cineaste.


Check out CSS Club's NFT artwork here.

7. Curioussage

Curioussage is an artist who believes that art can demonstrate our karmicconnections to worlds in other dimensions. The Dreamy, Psychedelic, and Folklore genres are heavily represented. His latest series, kinemon, features tiny faces combined with visuals that distinguishes the character's unique likeness. 


Check out Curiousage's NFT artwork here.

8. Blazei

Shauryaman aka Blazei is a 13-year-old who is making a name in the world of NFT Market. blazei_art designs are incorporate elements of funkiness, colour, and symmetry. His designs are far ahead of his years. 


Check out Balzie's NFT art work here.

9. Visionaryartist 

Sachin, also known as visionaryartist, is a Kerala-based artist. A single glance at his artwork reveals his love of psychedelic colors, funky characteristics, andhis unique take on historical art pieces.


Check out Visionaryartist's NFT artwork here.

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