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Thailand legalizes Marijuana or does it?

Thailand legalizes Marijuana or does it?

The kingdom of Thailand has been making waves on the news wire due to the country’s decision to decriminalize Marijuana. Now if you’re excited and ready to book a trip to bangkok, I’d suggest to pump your breaks a bit. 

You see, although marijuana has been decriminalized, using it for recreational purposes is still illegal. Hi folks! It’s Mr. Slim here and today we’ll be deconstructing Thailand’s decision to decriminalize weed within the country. 

The history of marijuana in Thailand: 

Evidence suggests that cannabis was first introduced to Thailand via India. One of the main pieces of evidence backing this claim is the common term “ganja” used to refer marijuana in Thai and Hindi. 

Being used as an ingredient in cooking, kitchen condiments, medicine and a source of fiber, it was completely legal to use for centuries until it was banned in the year 1930. 

The Cannabis Act B.E. 2477 of 1935 criminalized the sale, possession and use of marijuana. 

Fast forward to 2021, Thailand decided to revoke the criminal status of Marijuana which resulted in Thailand being the first Asian country to do so. 

How to legally consume cannabis in Thailand: 

Now that Thailand publicly announced the decriminalization of weed, locals and foreign tourists can only consume medical-marijuana. But if you want to consume it for “recreational purposes” there is a loophole. 

You see cafes and restaurants are now allowed to serve their customers with cannabis infused delicacies as long as the THC level present in them is less than 0.2 percent. 

Below you will find a list of cafes and restaurants that serve cannabis infused food items: 


HighLand Cafe: 

Kicking things off at number 1 is Highland Cafe. Located at 12/7 Lat Phrao Road, Highland cafe offers a delicious selection of cannabis infused desserts along with local thai food that you should definitely try if you love seafood. 

Highland Cafe Bangkok

They also have a collection of cannabis related merchandise, so be sure to check them out. 



La Maison by Chef Billy: 

Next up at number 2 is La Maison by Chef Billy. Located near Lasalle Road, La Maison by Chef Billy is a place where fine dine lovers gather for their shared love of cannabis infused dishes. Try the steak topped with cannabis infused butter and pesto pasta with a cannabis twist. 

La Maison by Chef Billy


Koko Japanese Restaurant: 

Ending our list with number 3 is Koko Japanese Restaurant. You can find Koko behind Harinthorn Building, Soi Sathorn 4, North Sathorn Road, Silom. 

Koko Japanese restaurant bangkok

Being one of the very first restaurants to use cannabis in their ingredients, Koko’s famous omakase course. Packed with hokkaido scallops and boiled hemp leaves, himedai sushi topped with hemp powder is an absolute must try.


Now that you’re aware of how to legally consume cannabis for recreational purposes in Thailand, go ahead and book your ticket to enjoy the wonders of the herb! 

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