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The best flavoured blunt wraps for 420

The best flavoured blunt wraps for 420

At some point in life we all grew up from checking out the latest flavours your favourite ice cream brand would put out to, pondering the question which flavoured blunt wrap would be ideal for a good 420 session. Hey folks it’s Mr. Slick here and today we’ll be looking at some of the best flavoured blunt wraps you should consider buying to celebrate 420 in all its glory. 



  1. Kush Herbal Wraps:

Starting off at number 1 is Kush Herbal Wraps. These wraps have a range of popular flavours that don’t sound weird or will make you question why you couldn't just stick to a normal non-flavoured wrap. The paper quality of these wraps feel premium and are also easy to roll with. My personal favourites out of the range of flavours that they already have would be the strawberry + kiwi blunt wrap and the pink cookies terpene wrap

But if you’re not a sweet tooth don’t worry Kush Herbal has got you covered with a range of flavours that you can check out here. 

2. Juicy Jay’s

Coming in at number 2 we have Juicy Jay’s range flavoured blunt wraps. Juicy Jay’s has been a long established player in the blunt wrap game. The special aspect about these wraps is that they’re made from pure hemp and equipped with a triple dip flavour system. 

If you were to ask me what are my favourite top 3 flavours I would highly recommend: Red Storm, Amarillo and Red Alert. Be sure to check them out. 

3. Kingpin Hemp Wraps:

At number 3 we’ve got an option for the ones who prefer aromatic blunt wraps. Kingpin hemp wraps distinguished themselves by focusing more on the aromatic aspect of blunt wraps, instead of how they taste. In all honesty, this worked in their favor as oftentimes people tend to look for a solution to get rid of the smell created after a wonderful session. You should definitely check out Kingpin hemp wraps and their range of aromatic blunt wraps. 

Click here to explore their collection.



4.Double Platinum: 


Next up at number 4 is Double Platinum’s flavoured cigar wraps. This bad boy is on our list for the ones who want to experience what a cigar feels and tastes like. Now unlike traditional cigars that require an acquired taste, double platinum’s cigar wraps are available in a range of flavours that are supposed to help ease you into having a smooth and beautiful experience when it comes to cigars.

My top 2 recommendations would be french vanilla and mango. But if you’re into vanilla or mango they also have different fruity options which you can check out here.



5. Kush Golden Blunt Cone: 

Ending this list with a special mention at number 5 is Kush’s pre rolled gold blunt cone. Now we know there might be a few of y’all who might want to experience a bunt that makes you feel like a high roller, in that case you definitely want to check Kush’s Golden Blunt Cone. 

I mean just look at it! That premium gold finish, crafted with pure industrial hemp and containing zero tobacco or nicotine. A puff from this golden boy will breathe some rich vibes into your session! Check out the Kush gold blunt cone here.


Did we miss out on any flavoured blunt wraps? Do let us know in the comments below.

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