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The Best gifts to get your stoner brother/sister this Raksha bandhan

The Best gifts to get your stoner brother/sister this Raksha bandhan

Rakshabandhan is just around the corner and we all have that brother that has introduced us to this beautiful plant. From rolling it up for a weekend trip to ensuring that every high is the best high. they have always ensured that you are always on cloud 9. So here is your chance to give back to these hero's, with our list of the best products you can get them just to let them know that you care too . 


1. The MediKit 

Price - Rs.4999/-

Packed with a variety of the best products any stoner could ask for, this is a kit that has it all. With over 41 unique products, things like Dank7 Tips ,Cyclone Flavoured Transparent Pre Rolled Cones,Glow In The Dark Pipe, is just the start of the list.

2. BookSafe

Price - Rs.799/-

A smart safe that can be the easiest way to keep your stash/equipment away in a second. Smartly designed to look like the English dictionary, So the next time you need something, you could always go to get some 'books from your friend'

Never give it empty, fill it up with the best Slimjim Slushies and Roach Pads 



Price- 1499

A few relations are just 1 of 1, there is nothing in comparison to it, And just to represent this exact relation we bring you our custom Professional rolling trays which have been individually designed by NME. 

Loaded up with Slimjim Slushies (2) Slimjim Skins (2) Slimjim Roach Pads (2) Slimjim Hurricones (4)


4.RAW Level 5 

Smoking has become more of a lifestyle rather than just smoking, and killing the stress and rolling up has become part of this lifestyle. But a lot of times don't you feel single hit is not enough and you need more. Just to fill this void up we have stocked up on the Raw Level 5. A 5 Joint holder that is surely going to get you higher than a kite. Really bling it up with the Slimjim Gold and Slimjim WhiteGold


5. A Bong

Price - Rs 650/ onwards

Nothing puts a smile on the face like a good bong does and whats better then these 8"and 12" wonders that are perfectly crafted for an elevated experience. Get ready for some bong rips and chill music because once this is a part of the gang, Normal joints are just not going to do it. 

Its always great to have a nice Glow in the dark mixing bowl or a Raw Rolling Tray to go with it

So what you waiting for, Show them you care and get them the best paraphernalia available only on

Stay High

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