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The Best Weed-Friendly Travel Destinations For 2021

The Best Weed-Friendly Travel Destinations For 2021

Disclaimer: We do not condone dangerous drug use, nor breaking local laws. we do, however, find cannabis to be a marvelous plant. :)


Exploring the unexplored regions around the globe is like a dream come true for the globetrotters. It enables you to expand your horizon and instills a sense of confidence in no time. Along with this, you can build the top weed collection in case you explore the weed-friendly regions. Everything intimidates the potheads out there, from Amsterdam’s cannabis cafes to euphoria right in front of aurora borealis. All you need to do is list down the top places offering special cannabis strains. Also, try to find popular attractions to satiate the wanderlust.

1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Are you a pothead who likes to try out the diverse cannabis varieties with some delicious local dishes? If yes, then you must include Amsterdam in your bucket list. The place is home to one of the best cannabis coffee shops that also sell local delicacies. You can get your hands on the best cannabis strains and sip on the strong cappuccinos at the same time. Along with this, make sure to experience the canal cruises after getting stoned using the local weed. In case you plan to explore the natural attractions, take around 4 to 5 grams of weed along for the best experience! YES IT'S LEGAL! 

Amsterday City


2. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is nothing less than heaven for all the cannabis connoisseurs who are fond of nightlife and late-night parties. With the bustling streets lined with cannabis clubs, you are likely to experience an enjoyable time here.  From collecting the popular strains to exploring the top-notch attractions, you must do it all. Some popular attractions that you must not miss out on are the canary islands and La Sagrada Familia. You can also enjoy a local cruise tour. Take the weed stock along to achieve the best high on your way itself.

Barcelona city , Spain


3. Jamaica

Here’s a weed-friendly region that possesses cannabis in the culture itself just like INDIA. Jamaica is home to the Rastafari tradition that uses cannabis as a sacrament. Also, reggae music adds to the cannabis popularity and makes the country a top marijuana destination. With the pleasant Caribbean environment and top-notch soil topography, weed cultivation is always at the peak. You must grab your share of perfect cannabis varieties and head straight to the Caribbean beaches. From the dense rainforests to the turquoise waters, you can find them all here. All you need is a glass of margarita and some pot to make your day bright. Some popular Jamaican weed varieties are Lamb’s bread and Jamaican pearl.

Jaimaican Forest

4. Vancouver, Canada

If you’re worried about the legal aspect related to marijuana, you can always explore the lenient weed regions. Canada became the first country to legalize marijuana for recreational use in 2018. With the legalization of cannabis, the tourism sector experienced immense growth and profits. You can explore the Canadian mountains and try out the snow activities with the best high. All you need is the right cannabis strain like AK-47 & M-39 to enhance your travel experience. Canadian streets are home to the world’s best cannabis varieties and top-ranking attractions. Some popular attractions to explore after getting stoned are Granville Island and Stanley Park. Vancouver , Canada

5. Costa Rica

In case you haven’t satisfied the thallassophile within, it’s about time that you do. Costa Rica offers the best waters to enjoy a good surf session. Also, you can grab the best cannabis strains in the region. Due to the legalization of cannabis, you are less likely to face any trouble on your cannabis hunt. You can also consult the locals regarding the local variants and the best ones. Once you score the local weed, explore the white sands, and take a walk by the seashore. Along with this, do try the cannabis in your hotel room on your trip itself. Once you achieve the best high, cover up the beautiful landscapes and stunning volcanoes in the country.

Cannabis Culture in Costa Rica

6. Alaska, USA

Who wouldn’t want to puff some unique Alaskan pot with the stunning aurora Borealis right in front? The arctic nation in the US offers a bewildering experience for the potheads out there. With the cold weather and top-notch geographical marvels, you can enjoy the best cannabis tours here. Make sure to grab the best strains from the pot shops as the country legalized marijuana long ago. However, you might refrain from smoking the weed at Tracy Arm Fjord itself. You must rent private accommodation and enjoy your cannabis experiences in a compact environment. Once you achieve the right high, head out to explore the Denali National Park & Hubbard Glacier.

Cannabis in Alaska is legal for recreational use since 2015.

Alaska , USA - Top travel destination for stoners

7. Uruguay

Cannabis is widely consumed in Uruguay, and it has been legal here for a long time. You can smoke a doob as you walk down the streets of the charming towns like Colonial del sacremento.

Apart from it's colonial beauty, it has the longest river walk in the world. Don't forget to explore the beaches too! 

Uruguay - Top destination for stoners to travel

8.  Cambodia

Here’s a weed destination that boasts top-notch spiritual vibes and attractive spots to explore. Along with this, you can get your hands on the authentic Cambodian weed in no time. With the onset of cannabis tourism, the government is quite lenient about the possession of the Plant. However, you must refrain from smoking in public places. All you need to do is grab your weed and enjoy the high in your accommodation. In the end, traverse the entire region and experience nature at its best. You can grab a few grams of pot for your friends as well.

Bottom Line

Traveling is all about finding the purpose of your life while making the most of what nature offers. For all the weed connoisseurs out there, 420-friendly regions are next to heaven. Make sure to satiate the pothead within by exploring the popular weed regions all over the globe. You can start with the safer places that legalized cannabis long ago. As you traverse through the popular countries, you learn the tips and tricks to survive the cannabis tour. Make sure to explore places like Barcelona, Amsterdam, Cambodia, and Alaska. These places rank the highest when it comes to weed tours and stunning aesthetics.


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