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The 'High' Profilers | Slimjim India

The 'High' Profilers | Slimjim India

We all associate the world of celebrities with an undeniable prosperity, elegance and sophistication. But ever so often, we dive into a world where the grass is always greener and the stars are always 'higher'! We know and love these stars for their openly declared love of cannabis maybe because just for a moment, in the razzle dazzle world of celebrities, there are some herb lovers we can actually relate to! So what can we do to make our experiences as immaculate as theirs? Let's find out more about what makes a sesh perfect for them!

Snoop's Perfect Doobs

What makes a roll for the connoisseur of cannabis?

  1. Even burn: The roll should burn evenly and smoothly, with no runs or hot spots that cause it to burn unevenly. Made from premium quality products, Slimjim's skins can give you that smooth even burn Snoop recommends!
  2. Good paper: The should be high-quality, thin, and smooth, so that it doesn't tear or break easily. Where can you get this kind of perfect paper? Easy, We have it all for you right here!
  3. Tightness: The roll should be tight enough to ensure a good draw, but not too tight that it's difficult to smoke. Get that perfect sleek roll with the perfect sleek skins.
  4. A good filter: A good filter can make all the difference in a joint, and Snoop Dogg prefers a crutch that allows for smooth airflow while preventing the weed from getting into your mouth. 

Coming from a man who calls herbs his best friend, he can't go wrong with his checklist folks!

Bob's Bold Blunts

Bob Marley was also known to be a cannabis enthusiast and had his own ideas about what makes a perfect roll. 

  1. Naturals: Bob Marley preferred natural papers made from hemp or other natural materials, as opposed to bleached. Check hemp papers off your list because we got your back! 
  2. Skill: Bob Marley valued the skill and technique required to roll a perfect joint. He believed that the process of rolling a joint was an art form in itself.
  3. Company and vibes: Marley often rolled with friends and believed that a perfect roll should be accompanied by good music and positive vibes. So get your sesh gang and Slimjim supplies ready!

Seth's Sesh

Seth Rogan not only vividly describes his love for grass, he has released a step-by-step tutorial of making the perfect doob. In a video for Merry Jane, Seth Rogen teaches how to roll a joint properly. Here are the steps: 

  1. Step 1: is to grind the leaves, but be careful not to over-grind. Otherwise, it'll turn to powder and ruin your joints.
  2. Step 2: involves Rogen's trick of ripping off the bottom edge of the rolling paper, making it easier to roll.
  3. Step 3: he bends the paper between his fingers, creating a "small canoe" to hold the ground leaves.
  4. Step 4: is to place the ground leaves into the canoe.
  5. Step 5: is the hardest part: tuck the ripped side under the glue side and roll gently.
  6. Step 6: lick the glued edge, roll it over the joint, and pinch one open end to seal. 
  7. Step 7: tightly roll the cardboard and insert it into the other open end. Roll it smaller than the joint, and it will expand to the size of the joint.
  8. Step 8: is to "baptize" the joint by putting it in your mouth before lighting it. 
  9. Step 9: light it evenly. 
  10. And finally, Step 10 is that you probably don't need Rogen's help anymore.

So what are you waiting for, hurry and stock up with everything you need to make Seth's perfect roll!

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