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The Marketplace for Everyone!

The Marketplace for Everyone!

Ever since the inception of E-commerce individuals have been provided with a wide range of products and services that cater to their specific needs. With giants like Amazon, Flipkart, and Nature’s Basket taking the lead, convenience and quick delivery rates have skyrocketed to a great height! 

But these giants have failed to recognise the potential in smaller brands and artists that produce superior quality products but lack the marketing or recognition to become a huge player in the market. Recognising this drawback, we pondered upon the thought, what if there was a marketplace for an artist that produces uniquely designed ashtrays? What if there was a marketplace for international snacks that aren’t available in offline retails shops? What if we as a brand provided a marketplace for smaller brands to boost sales and gain the recognition they deserve? 

That was the core idea behind Slimjim’s seller central initiative! A marketplace for everyone and everything. With low commission rates and complete transparency, we aimed to provide a platform for smaller brands to grow and develop themselves with us. 

Hi there folks! It’s Mr. Slim here and today we’ll be looking at a few of the brands on seller central that deserve your time and attention. 


  1. Third Roast: 

Kicking things off with number 1 is Third Roast the up and coming premium hand crafted coffee brand from New Delhi. Third Roast has managed to enter an already saturated market by offering exceptional customer service and premium quality coffee beans sourced from Kalledevarapura Estate. Founded by Poornima Katyal and her husband, Third Roast is well on its way to establishing itself as nutrition friendly brand. 


Third Roast Premium Coffee

Besides offering coffee they also provide healthy and nutritious granolas along with vegan cheese called Shmeese! Where most coffee brands tend to stick with only one vertical, Third Roast decided to spread its wings when it came to providing premium-grade coffee and healthy snacks. 


Check out Third Roast    here.


2. Himalayan Trooper: 

At number 2 we have the environmentally friendly eco-fashion brand called Himalayan Trooper. Aiming to create fashion that benefits the environment and guides you to include a bit of green and sustainability into your wardrobe, Himalayan Trooper has truly sparked a vibe with their collection of hemp based accessories. 

Hemp fanny bags

Check out the entire Himalayan Trooper collection  here


3. Cure by Design: 


At number 3 we’ve got the hemp lifestyle and pet care brand known as Cure by Design. Cure by Design has created a range of body care products that make use of the many benefits found in hemp. Catering to the needs of your pets as well they really have a cure that they’ve designed to solve specific issues. Founded by Daanish Matheen, he aims to provide the pros of hemp not only just to humans but to animals as well. 


Cure by Design Hemp care

From lip balms to therapeutic body oils, from shampoos to healing balms for pets the list goes on and on for Cure by Design. If you really want to see for yourself how good hemp really is then I’d highly recommend taking your first step with Cure by Design. 

Check out Cure by Design’s collection   here.


4. Nomad Food Project: 

Next up at number 4 is Nomad Food Project. If you’re a bacon enthusiast you’ll definitely want to check out Nomad Food Project. Founded by Advaith Inamke and Aditya Rai, Nomad Food Project offers you a range of pork-based spreads and dips that enhances the flavour of your dish. 

Bacon Jams


From bacon thechas to chorizo jams, Nomad Food Project has absolutely nailed it in terms of easing people in when it comes to the consumption of pork. 


Check out Nomad Food Project’s tasty collection   here


5. Flame Keeper: 

Coming in the 5th spot is Flame Keeper. Flame Keeper offers you a range of beautifully crafted lighter sleeves that make you stand out from the rest. Whether you like cyclopes or octopuses, Flame Keeper has got your preferences covered. 


Custome Clay Lighter Sleeves

Check out Flame Keeper’s collection here.


6.  Aashna Art: 

At number 6 we’ve got Aashna Art .Now if you’ve explored our collection of ashtrays, you’ll notice one ashtray particularly the spaceman ashtray stands out from the rest. The reason being pretty simple Aashna Asif as an artist has managed to showcase her creativity by creating unique pieces of art that always garner a curious gaze. 

Artisanal ashtrays


From ashtrays to pendants and resin earrings, Aashna crafts them in a way that will surely spark a vibe within you. 


Check out her collection   here.


7. Iaurora:

Ending our list with number 7 is Iaurora. If you like minimalist designs that look clean and feel sharp then the lighter sleeve range of Iaurora definitely fits your vibe. Choose from a range of sleeves that features designs of our favourite herb, anime characters, animals etc. 


Clay made lighter sleeves

Check out Iaurora’s collection of lighter sleeves  here. 


 The list of brands at Seller Central is so huge we couldn't fit them into this list. Check out and explore eccentric and upcoming brands that will definitely spark a vibe with you   here. 


Which brand will you be shopping with? Let us know in the comments below. 



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