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The Specialty of Medtainers

The Specialty of Medtainers

We’ve all been in a situation where storing our herbs becomes a hassle. Storing it in pouches, zip lock bags, or your old school tiffin is a temporary solution as they don’t help in maintaining the freshness and quality of your herbs for a long duration of time. 

Medtainer decided to come up with a new and revolutionary way that would not only help in storing your herbs safely but also help in maintaining the freshness and locking in the odour of your herbs. 

Hey folks it’s Mr.Slim over here and today we’ll be exploring what makes Medtainers special and unique from the plethora of storage containers that are out there in the market.


The Brain behind Medtainer: 

Headed by one of the biggest and most successful cannabis influencers in Canada. John Berfelo decided to address the storage crisis we stoners face on a daily basis via the inception of Medtainer. John states that he doesn’t believe in backing products that he wouldn’t use himself, but the ones that he does back seem to take off and do well in the market. 

Initially,  engineered as a solution to break down medication for the needs of Paediatric and Geriatric patients, the medtainer has now been adopted as an application into markets/industries such as tea , culinary , coffee , pharmaceuticalsveterinary medicine and cannabis storage.

The idea behind medtainers sort of deviated  towards providing stoners with a storage container that was medical grade, equipped with a grinder, compact enough to carry it anywhere, and lastly to lock the odour of the herbs stored in it to avoid any unnecessary attention. 

When Medtainers were made available for consumer use, the product immediately charmed its way into the top spot of being one of the best storage containers money can buy. Having the option to customise your medtainer with a logo of your design, the masses appreciated the choice and freedom medtainer provided.


The Best looking Medtainers: 

Now that you’ve gained a bit of backstory regarding medtainer as a brand, here are a few medtainers featuring designs from popular franchises! 


  1. Smokemon Collection: 

First up at number 1 is the Smokemon Collection. Available in 6 variants choose between Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur or a pokeball, master ball or ultra ball you get to store your herbs safely and securely whilst embracing your geeky sense of style. 

Medtainer Pokemon

Check out the Smokemon Collection  here.  



2. Stoned Wars:


At number 2 is the Stoned War collection. Inspired from the star wars series with a stoner centric twist whip out your medtainer as it has been blessed by the force.

Medtainer Star Wars

Explore the stoned wars collection  here



 3. Budvengers: 

At number 3 we have the earth’s mightiest budvengers. Featuring designs of popular team members such as the incredible hulk, captain america, black panther, thor, black widow and iron man. 

Medtainer Avengers

Your herbs are protected 24x7 when you’ve got the mighty budvengers keeping them safe. Explore the budvengers collection right  here.


4.Rising Sun Collection: 

Coming up at number 4 is the rising sun collection. Designs inspired from traditional japanese art, if you appreciate japanese culture and artistic styles definitely check out the rising sun collection. Choose between shi-shi, shifting tides and wassup b variants. 


Medtainer Japanese Art

Check them out  here


 5. Super Bros Collection: 

Ending our list with number 5 is the Super Bros collection. We’ve all grown up playing Mario at some point in your lives. But have you ever imagined feeling euphoric with the mario cast? Medtainers came up with this collection with the aim to stir up some nostalgia regarding an all time classic video game. 

Medtainer Super Mario Bros

Check out the Super Bros Collection  here. 

Explore entire collection of medtainers right  here. 

 Let us know which collection you loved the most by leaving a comment below.


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