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Top 10 products launched in September

Top 10 products launched in September -

Top 10 products launched in September 

January might be the beginning of the new year but September is the beginning of the Autumn season. It's a time when colour changes, weather changes and so does the mood.
It is a bold claim, but autumn is somewhat the favourite season for a stoner. Many festivities, cold weather and cosiness make smoking enjoyable.

Here's the list of the top 10 products that will help you to make the most out of it:

1-SlimJim Glass Rolling Tray 

Slimjim rolling tray


These Super cool Slimjim trays are more than just looks, they provide organisation, everything you need is right in front of you, prevent spillage without leaving any mess behind & washable.

  • Made from shatter-resistant tempered glass.
  • Easy to clean
  • Size - 9" x 6"
  • 1499/-

Sounds like a must-have for all the stoner parties. Click here to know more.


   2-Spaceman Ashtray

spaceman handmade ashtray

Today artists have redesigned classic industrial object ashtrays, those heavy glass, square-shaped designs are long gone, and so is the purpose, now you can use these gorgeous handcrafted as an art piece, jewellery holder, but we would recommend seriously ash in it. Available for 1499/- limited edition handmade by 

- Aashna art 

Checkout more such handmade products here.

3  Vicerays-Sunglasses and storage

               Sunglasses  storage - vicerays - slimjim

Secret storage compartment means more fun: simply remove the sunglass arms, slip in your smokes, and hit the road!
ViceRays shatter-resistant lenses provide total UV protection, secure locking button on each removable arm protect your rolls.

 Get It Here At 4199/-

 4-Slimjim- Poker Cap 

          poker cap - slimjim

These slimjim poker caps are a great innovation for smokers, perfectly designed to hide your rolls while you're on the go. 

  • Handmade with limited-edition logo embroidery.
  • 100% Cotton
  • Adjustable Metal Stap Buckle
  • Comes with its own wooden poker  

Get It At 1499/- 


5-Medtrainers- Child-resistant 

Medtrainer storage child resistant - slimjim


Hidden in plain sight;). These are ideal if you want your doobs to remain discreet & unreachable to inquisitive young fellas. The best part being the 100% child-resistant rating, also approved by ASTM.

For 1599/- Check It Out Now 


6-Gogo pre-rolled pink rolls

Pink gogo rolling cone- slimjim

On Wednesdays, we roll pink! Pre-rolled cones are smokers BFF and we all know why. Great for beginners, Saves time, comes in a variety of sizes & now in cute colours too. All you have to do is sit back crush, scoop and smoke.

Only at 59/- Get It Here

  7- Slim Stem Glass percolator

percolator slim stem - slimjim

Hate the dry hit you get from the joint? looking for a smoother toke?
A bong will give you just that, the ice catcher is a three pinched formation located at the centre of the tube to hold ice and avoid the annoying mess that comes with a spill. Get it exclusively for 1,399/- 

  • Perfect Finish 
  • Durable 
  • 12 inch
  • Easy to clean

Check out our glass percolator collection here 


8-Bhalu - Black crew neck t shirt 

Graphic crew neck t shirt - oversized graphic t shirt - slimjim

One good graphic tee can give you 10 outfits. We can't get enough of y2k trend revival,  meaningful slogans or completely meaningless graphic tees pretty much goes with every look. These are 100% Cotton and quite affordable just for 899/-  These are available on Bhalu Apparel and Slimjim 

Checkout more of their collection below.

9-Raw Six Shooter

        Raw Six-Shooter - Slimjim

This RAW Six Shooter is for 2999/- cost might sting at first but definitely worth it. This will save you if you're the only roller in your group or blazed out of your mind to be rolling.

Fill 1 2 3 or 6 RAW cones at a time, place RAW Kingsize Cones in the open holes, add your materials, fasten the top & start tapping! When you’re done, remove the top & press your base plate down on the table. Save some for later or smoke them all now.


10-Piecemaker - Kuban

Piece maker kuban - slimjim

The Revolutionary Kuban- Discreet, Elegant most refined piece yet!
Pick your poison Maduro or Oscuro available, Within the package, you will find a Grinder card/stand, cleaning tool, glass bowl.


Find out more here 


Let us know which one did u like the most & your favourite ones that we missed out. Check out our website to find much more products that you'll surely love. 

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