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Top 10 Secret Santa Gifts under Rs 2000

Top 10 Secret Santa Gifts under Rs 2000

Christmas time is here! Lights, cheerful spirits, Santa Claus and awesome gifts are plenty around. We all get into the Christmas spirit when someone in the office or whatsapp group says “We’re doing Secret Santa this year!”

Figuring out a secret santa gift can be quite tricky. First you’ve gotta figure out the person’s likes and dislikes, then you’ve gotta set a budget so that you won’t end up feeling disappointed when your secret santa gives you a cheap but useful pair of socks. So how about we sort you out with some secret santa gifting ideas.

If you’ve got friends or colleagues that love quirky designed apparels, smoking paraphernalia or appreciate some tasty treats and snacks then, you’ll go down in history as the best secret santa of the year because we’ve made a list to sort you out. So hop onto Slimmy Claus’s sleigh and check out our top ten secret santa ideas and gifts that you can get under 2000 rupees! 


  • Piecemaker-Karma:
  • (Compact, easy to carry and oozing of style)

    Starting off with number 1 we’ve got Piecemaker’s Karma smoking pipe. Crafted for individuals that like to smoke their tobacco or herbs the old fashioned way, gifting this will surely leave a long lasting and impactful impression. Flexible, strong and unbreakable this is the perfect gift to maintain a strong bond for a lifetime!

    Piecemaker karma


    Available in a wide range of awesome and vibrant colours, if you really want to get into the Christmas spirit the barna burgundy and ghini green colour variants are the perfect gifting idea for secret santa. Rack up some good karma for the holidays with Piecemaker Karma!

    Check out this video below to get a detailed look of Piecemaker’s Karma smoking pipe.




    Kush Herbal Pre Rolled Blunts Chain Set:

    (A range of flavours perfect for the holidays!) 

    Next up at number 2 we’ve got something that’ll get your taste buds excited and relaxed. Kush Herbal Pre Rolled Blunts Chain Set is the ultimate gift you could give as a secret santa that’ll definitely garner a hug and smile! Made from the best quality of hemp available, dab your herbs and tobacco into this beautiful pre rolled cone and experience what it means to smoke with style and flavour!



    Kush herbal wrap

    Kush herbal pre rolled

    Piecemaker karma

    The Kush Herbal Pre Rolled Blunts Chain Set offers a range of wonderful flavours that’ll spark up christmas vibes and joyful times! Keep the circle fresh and tasty with Kush Herbal’s Pre Rolled Blunts Chain Set.



    Spaceman- Ashtray:

    (Experience the cosmos and ash into space) 

    At number 3 we’ve got the trippy, unique and special Spaceman Ashtray! Gifting this ashtray is bound to spark a conversation about how your secret santa gift was the best and stood out the most this year. Made in collaboration with Ashna arts this ashtray was crafted to keep a trippy and geeky vibe going!

    Buy Spaceman Ashtray

    Buy Slimjim Glass Ashtray




    Rainbow Puke- Hoodie 

    (Cool and Comfy and perfect to wear everywhere!) 

    Next up at number 4 we’ve got a hoodie that’s cool looking and gives a comfortable feeling! Give it up for the awesome and quirky rainbow puke hoodie. Made from 100% pure grade cotton combined with a design that certainly oozes fresh drip energy! Gifting drip has got to be a short cut way to receive secret santa of the year. 

    Buy Rainbow puke hoodie


    Cheer up hoodie enthusiasts and lovers alike by gifting them the Rainbow Puke Hoodie this Christmas! 



    Tom Hemp’s- CBD Bath Bombs:

    (Relax, Revitalise and Repeat)  

    Making a splash at number 5 we’ve got Tom Hemp’s CBD Bath Bombs that’s gonna boost your brownie points if you’re the secret santa for the girls this year. A fusion of tingling sensations and an aroma that gets rid of all your frustrations these CBD bath bombs were crafted to nourish your body and mind at the same time. A good and thoughtful gift to show you care about the person’s well being and care. 

    Tom hemps bathbomb

    Tom hemps bathbomb

    Available in two variants named escape and release gift a relaxing and tingling vibes with Tom Hemp’s CBD Bath Bombs. If you’re unsure how bath bombs work, check out this awesome and satisfying CBD bath bomb video.




    Secret Santa Gift Box:

    (A box full of treats that’s hella clean and neat) 

    At number 6 we’ve got a timed exclusive product that Santa has approved himself! Introducing Slimjim’s Secret Santa Gift Box the perfect solution for all your secret santa gifting troubles. The experience right from unboxing to using the goodies packed inside will cheer up everyone’s holiday spirits!


    Secret Santa Gift Box


    Secret Santa Gift Box

    Our box contains a rainbow slip paq case, slimjim glass tip, slushies strawberry sorbet rolls, slimjim original king size paper, slimjim hemp king size paper, slushies green apple king size, two slushies roach pads, a slimjim clipper lighter, two stickers and a santa hat to celebrate the holidays! We’ve also made a special unboxing video if you don’t believe us. 

    Turn into the best secret santa of the year with slimjim’s season exclusive secret santa gift box.




    Slimjim OG Happy Box:

    (Happiness in a box? That’s what we call our OG Happy Box)  


    At lucky number 7 we have Slimjim’s OG Happy Box to recommend. Filled with goodies and treats that’ll make your avid smoker friend regard you as the OG secret santa of the year! See a smile light up on faces that were glad they got you as their secret santa (especially if they’re into smoking).


    The OG Happy Box contains: a Cyclone Pre Rolled Cone (Mixed Flavours), Blunt Wrap (Mixed Flavours), 2 slimjim roach pads, 2 slimjim king size rolling papers with tips, 3 slimjim slushies king size rolling,  a gizeh king size rolling paper,  2 slimjim slushies hurricone pre rolled cones,  a beard man cone, and lastly a super awesome slimjim doob tube.      


    Christmas is about happiness so why not make someone happy and grateful by giving them Slimjim’s OG Happy Box. 




    Cure by Design -Therapeutic Body Oil for Stress

    (Feeling stressed daily? Cure is here to keep you merry and jolly) 

     Closing in at number 8 is the stress relieving therapeutic body oil called Cure by Design. This is the perfect gift to anyone because everybody faces some kind of stress in their day to day lives. Infused with hemp seed oil not only does your stress get relieved but also your skin gets the nourishment it deserves, healing your body, mind and soul in the process. 

    Express your love and compassion this Christmas by gifting the wonders of Cure by Design to your loved ones.




    Christmas Themed Sweets:

    (For the ones who like to keep it simple and sweet) 

    One can never go wrong with sweets, especially Christmas themed sweets! At number 9 we’ve got premium Christmas themed sweets in the form of little santa claus, christmas tree, snowmen marshmallow pops and candy canes.

    Neatly packed and perfectly capturing the spirit of the holidays, our Christmas themed sweets will surely make your friends, family and colleagues feel delighted by your taste in choosing awesome treats!


    Candy Canes

    Marshmallow Pops

     You can also check out our collection of other imported sweets that are perfect for gifting this season! Create some smiles this year with Slimjim’s Christmas Themed Sweets.




     Hookah Pot by MYA Petite: 

    (Perfect as a decor, showstopper for a party!) 

    And finally we close off our list with MYA’s Petite Hookah Pot at number 10. Hookah pots serves the function of making your house feel aesthetic as well as helping you experience the wonderful flavours that are a great way to form new bonds and strengthen old ones.

    As a gift, it provides a premium, exotic and elite vibe that will surely make anyone appreciate your gift buying skills. Small and easy to store you definitely won’t be going down as the worst secret santa of the year. 

    Buy Hookah Pot

    These sheesha pots are available in two beautiful colours: Yellow and Sky Blue. Check out our collection of accessories and hookah flavours that will certainly pair well with this gift.

    Gift something that is unique and beautiful this year by purchasing a Hookah Pot by MYA Petite. 


    Christmas is the most-awaited season. As this magical season arrives, everything comes to life, and there is happiness and joy all around, get these amazing and unique gifts for your loved one's and light up their christmas.

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