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Top 5 Indian Tattoo/Graffiti/Doodle Artists

Top 5 Indian Tattoo/Graffiti/Doodle Artists

Top 5 Indian Tattoo/Graffiti/Doodle Artists


Street art has managed to gain a huge following over the past couple of years. From being labelled as vandalism by authorities to now the masses seeing it as a medium to express opinions, thoughts and creativity that doesn’t require you to visit a museum but instead gaze upon it while you simply walk through the streets of your neighbourhood or city. 

Highly controversial and often seen as a criminal act, graffiti isn’t regarded by art connoisseurs as a form of art but the ones that do appreciate the artistic thought and messaging that goes into graffiti definitely know how to spark a vibe! 

Similarly, Tattoos also have a sentimental value and deeper meaning attached to them but society yet again places its judgmental gaze on individuals that have tattoos. The biggest example of this would be certain corporations rejecting applicants simply because they have a bit of ink on their skin. 

We appreciate the graffiti and tattoos as an artform, so we decided to highlight a few tattoo/graffiti artists from India that have managed to spark a vibe through their art and creativity!

Shilo Shiv Suleman:

Kicking off our list with number 1 is Shilo Shiv Suleman. Hailing from Bangalore, Shilo started her artistic journey by looking up to her mother Nilofer Suleman’s artistic endeavours. Constantly experimenting with different artistic styles, Shilo has now managed to find her niche with her personal project called the fearless collective. 

The idea behind this initiative was to protest gender based violence via murals and graffiti. This initiative gained global momentum via Transvoice, a group which aims to empower trans women across the world.

Here are some of the best pieces of art in our opinion for you to have a look at. 


Next up at number 2 is NME. NME started his journey when he was just 16 years old! He’s made himself distinguishable through his unique  signature present in all of his works.

Always having a passion for drawing NME decided to work upon his desire to draw, securing his spot amongst the cream of the cream in the Mumbai graffiti scene. 

He’s also created a mural for us! Along with artwork on a skate deck 



Coming in at number 3 we have doodle mapuls! A trio of architects that decided to blend their technical and creative skills onto a blank canvas and create enchanting artworks! Being known for their collaboration with Urban Monkey, one of the mapuls has become a full time resident designer in our company. 

We already love his artwork so let us enlighten you about some of the brilliant pieces drawn and designed by doodle mapuls


Being one of the founding members of Mumbai’s street art and graffiti scene, Zake has managed to make a name for himself by tagging his signature at certain locations in Mumbai that have a plethora of people crossing, walking and driving by. 

Stepping into the world of tattoo artistry, Zake has a single aim to now tag individuals permanently via his tattoo art! He also tagged our office with his signature mark! 

Okami Art: 

For all you anime and japanese culture enthusiasts out there, a single look at okami’s art style will definitely excite the otaku within you. Taking influence from various anime, manga and japanese folklore characters, okami has poured his charm into his work, effectively capturing an audience that is booming currently in India. 

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