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Top 5 Party Essentials

Top 5 Party Essentials

We all aspire to host the best party any lad or dame has ever attended at some point in their life. Picking out drinks, snacks and games that everybody remembers can be a bit tricky for a few to figure out. That’s where we come in! To help you host the best party ever and enable you to claim the title of party overlord! 

Hey folks it’s Mr.Slim here and today I’ll be taking you through 5 party essentials that spark a vibe. 


Giant Jenga:

Starting off with everyone’s favourite party game Jenga! With a giant sized-twist. If you’ve ever been to a house party, you’ve played Jenga regardless of how drunk or blazed you were, because Jenga is fun!

 Giant Jenga

Now imagine playing Jenga but it’s as big as you! Busting out giant jenga blocks at your party will definitely make your guests unleash their inner party animals. 

 Check out our giant jenga   here. 



The Globe Dispenser: 

Next up on our essentials list, the unique and curiosity raiser, globe dispenser! Now you could decide to settle for pouring a glass straight from the bottle like most parties or, you could decide to introduce the globe dispenser and make all the guests never forget your party!

Globe Dispenser for PartiesGlobe Dispenser for cool parties

Crafted to hold and dispense 1 litre of liquids, this dispenser is perfect, convenient and honestly quite unique to have at your disposal. 

Check out the globe dispenser here. 


RAW Six Shooter: 


Looking at the next legendary party for an amazing night is RAW’s six shooter. Now when you and your mates are done emptying the globe dispenser, give your liver a little break and start inhaling the euphoric vibes from our favourite little herb by using RAW’s six shooter. 

RAW Six Shooter Accessorie

All you need to do is drop the unfilled J’s you’ve rolled into the six holes of the shooter. Grind your herbs and start spreading them around the tip of the shooter. Once all the herbs fall into the six holes, pull the j’s out carefully and voila! 


Now you’ve got six perfectly filled j’s that you and your mates can enjoy together. 

Check out RAW’s Six Shooter   here.



Snacks & Drinks:  

Next up is the basic essential you should have if you’re hosting a party but we’re gonna sort you out by recommending the best snacks and drinks that’ll make the guests forget their mum’s tea. 


For the savoury lovers out there we recommend getting a few bags of Cheetos, Takis and a few TGI Friday’s snacks. For the ones who don’t indulge in alcohol be sure to pick and choose from our drinks collection. 


And lastly we’ve gotta appease the sweet lovers out there, definitely bust out a few milka chocolate bars, pop darts and other international chocolates and sweets that you can browse through  here. 


Drinking Roulette Set: 


Ending our recommendations with the most fun generating item on our list, is the drinking roulette set! That’s right folks it’s roulette with alcohol!

Drinking Roulette Game Set

 Each set comes with 16 numbered shot glasses (eight red, eight black), two roulette balls and a roulette wheel. The wheel (including the spaces for the shot glasses) measures approximately 11.5 inches in diameter. Busting this bad boy out will definitely turn your party from a 10 to a 100 after the first round ends! 

Check out the drinking roulette set  here.


And that’s all we have to recommend today folks!

Which of these recommendations will you be trying out when you host your next party? Let us know in the comments below.  



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