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Types of Stoners

Types of Stoners

We’ve noticed that each circle has a variety of stoners, and that’s what makes the sessions even better. Each of these individuals comes with their own personality traits, here’s a few that you’ll find in almost every session.



The Silent Smoker

This guy is like any normal person before the joint is lit, but goes mute as soon as he smokes one. This guy is usually also the one who plays on his phone or scrolls on Instagram throughout the session. He needs to be prompted to talk, and comes off as anti social to anyone that is new to the circle.

The Drug Connoisseur

This type aren’t just stoners, they are involved in other intoxicating vices. With all the information about drugs ranging from flakka to codeine, they have taken it upon themselves to be a tester bunny for any and all kinds of drugs. This is usually the person you go to before you’re trying a new drug. There’s a fat chance they supply too.


The Veteran

They’ve been smoking for a while now and know everything about the g’s. Probably the best roller in the gang and takes it upon himself to ensure the smooth functioning of the session. They come prepared with all the smoking apparatus, the eye drops and the gum, because they know the importance of being prepared.


The Closet Smoker & The Gram Stoner

The closet smoker is the one you never expect it out of, and then one day you’ll catch them smoking. They prefer smoking with one or two people over a big circle. The gram stoner on the other hand, lets EVERYONE know every time they light one up. Their Instagram is full of nugs and doobs while the world thinks they are perpetually toking.


The Annoying Stoner

Never throws in stash for the sesh, steals your lighters, makes out with the doob, plays bad music and hogs the joint. No one wants this guy at the smoke out but he somehow ALWAYS knows where the session is at and shows up.


The Rookie

This guy is fresh off the boat and overly enthusiastic about smoking. But the funny thing is that they get baked with just a drag, sometimes even passive smoking gets them high. The rookie is also the clumsier one who drops the stash while rolling or leaves a seed in there. This guy is always paranoid and watches for the cops.


The Noisy Stoner

Comes blasting psy music on his speaker, and laughs the hardest. They are also the one who messes around with everybody and makes the circle laugh. Their stories continue even with the doob in their hand, which gets passed only once they finish the tale. But you have to agree, these are the ones who make the session absolutely amazing.



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