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What is 710 Day?

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You might be wondering why I should be happy and celebrate July 10th? Well if you're a cannabis enthusiast you already know the answer but if you don’t it’s all good! 

Hi folks it’s Mr.Slim here, and today we’ll be looking at the origin and significance of 710 day. 



710 is celebrated as a holiday where individuals embrace the goodness and euphoria cannabis concentrates/oils provide to the user. When you flip 710, it can be spelled as “OIL” and thus 710 day was born. 

We can trace back the origin of 710 to the recent past, 11 years to be exact. The term first came to light through an interview with leaf online where cannabis activist and social media celebrity Coral Reefer had stated that she first heard the term when Taskrok, another cannabis activist, was smoking with his friends. 

Slimjim 710 day

Ever since, 710 has slowly grown in popularity over the years like its predecessor “420”. Although the term was created by Taskrok he refuses to claim ownership stating “I don’t want to try to own it though. It belongs to the community now.

Now that’s a true ‘G” right there! 


How can you celebrate 710 in India? 


Although Cannabis concentrates are illegal in India, you can still celebrate 710 by using an alternative. Here are a few ways you can celebrate 710 day in India. 

Using CBD Oil: 


CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a chemical compound found in cannabis sativa plants.

Why I recommend using CBD oil to celebrate 710 you may ask, well the reason is simple. CBD interacts with the neuroreceptors  in your endocannabinoid system that helps regulate your immune system, movement and mood. The best part is buying CBD oil is completely legal in India as long as you have a prescription from a certified doctor. 


You can schedule an appointment   here  and get your CBD oil fix just in time for 710! 

Having a Sesh with your buds: 

Now if you’re not so keen on celebrating 710 with CBD oil, you can still celebrate the old fashioned way by rolling up your favourite herbs and calling over the boys for a sesh. You can amp the sesh to 11 with accessories such as   RAW’s Six Shooter,    RAW Level 5, and   Kush’s Terpene Cones

slimjim india


Now that you’re aware of 710, have you thought of a unique way to celebrate it? Let us know in the comments below! 

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