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December 19, 2018

After moths of deliberation and contemplation we were finally on our way to Prague in the Czech Republic. For me this was an experience like no other, imagine starting your own paraphernalia company with a paltry Rs 10,000/- investment and then cut to 5 years later spending the same amount in dollars to exhibhit our works to a foreign more cultured and more legalized audience.
The trip was supposed to be the 5 of us but due to unforseen corporate life circmstances we faced the first casualty of the trip with Tinaaz backing out to attain greater heights in the corporate world. 
(Mumbai - Zurich - Prague)
The remainder four were all  booked on different flights on different days to ensure we coupled a vacation with work as well. I was flying into Prague on my birthday, a first birtday spent on foreign shores and it was shaping up just fine.
We reached a day early and with all our Indian jugaad skills managed to set up the stall without any asistance in 5 hours, not to mention the constant trugging of all the luggage. Ready in anticipation for the first day of Cannafest 2018 we crashed early.
The next day was a crazy rush, meeting new faces, loooking at their excitement when they saw all the products and their urge to buy them threw us off, we were of the opinion that this was going to be more of a disaply or  B2B kind of scene but little did we know. The swarms of people that came in on day 1 was unbelievable. 500+ brands in 4 airplane hangars were displaying all things cannabis to people from all walks of like.
(Representing India on a global cannabis platform)
There was cannabis edibles like chocolates, gummy bears, tea, cake, chewing gum, and candy. There was hemp beer, ice cream, whipped cream and even hemp condoms.
(CBD Infused Edibles in Prague)
The real kicker was the CBD weed, almost every retail store in Prague was selling this CBD weed. It looks, smells and feels like real weed but has 0- 1% THC, which means that it will not get you high. What good is it then?
Well CBD has multiple benefits, it relaxes the muscles, increases appetite and in general relaxes the user without giving him any high or effects that are assocaited with THC. Being a weed smoker myself at first i was flat out dissappointed when i heard about the no THC but after trial of this CBD weed by error i realised it aint that bad and can be used for daytime smoking. Think about it,  smoking it and feeling at ease but  still not getting high, this would be perfect for the corporate life stoner.
(CBD Weed strains in Prague) 
Over the next 3 days we met many companies and their creators, we bought some of their products to sell on our portal in india and sold some of our products to them to sell in their country. This happy collection of pro cannabis users and businnesses from around the world is testament to "THE GREEN RUSH IS COMING"" get on that train while you can.
For now we are going to start deliberating on which trade show to go for this year? South Africa? or Canada? The only certainity from this expericne has been that we need to keep "Rolling Out" to the entire world.