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Customized Skins

Apart from being India's first smoking paraphernalia brand we also white label and make papers and roach pads for bands, festivals, apparel companies and just about anyone who has a message to send out

Client - Reliance Brands Limited

Brand - Quiksilver 

Campaign - #BlazinHighSale



We made our biggest ever order of 20,000 customized pieces for Quiksilvers Blazing High Sale. This was used at stores and as branding/memorabilia at their various festival tie ups.


Client - Kingdom Of Calm

Brand - Kingdom Of Calm

Campaign - Going Brown





We made a small first lot of customized unbleached papers and unbleached tips for upcoming apparel and lifestyle brand Kingdom Of Calm. This was used as Point Of Sale branding at their various festival outlets and were given as freebies with every purchase.











Now everyone can Roll Your Own. Branded papers+ filter tips for quantities as low as 300 pieces.