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Buddha Incense Burner

A back-flow incense burner that creates an illusion of a smokey waterfall. This piece of art has lord Buddha sitting and meditating beside the waterfall. Simply place an incense cone at the top of the waterfall, and with the cone’s special properties, the smoke starts to flow in reverse direction, that is from top to bottom, and in-turn creates a beautiful smokey waterfall. With scented smoke flowing in waves beside the Buddha, this makes the perfect housewarming gift for any home!

The back-flow Buddha Incense burner comes with a box of 3 back-flow incense cones.

  • Smokey waterfall illusion effect from the incense burner
  • Smoke flows in reverse direction
  • Placeholder for incense cone and agarbatti
  • Beautiful housewarming gift
  • Comes with a pack of 3 back-flow incense cones
  • Mild fragrance: Mixed flavors
  • Size: 12.5 x 8.5cm
  • Weight: 500 g
  • Material: Ceramic


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