Juicy Jays Hemp Wraps - Purple

Juicy Jay are back with the Double Hemp Blunt Wraps. Looking to completely get off the tobacco? These blunt wraps are completely tobacco free and are made from hemp and feature the juiciest flavours around, seriously, these little guys are beasts; they smell incredible and they taste even better! We're sure that the delicious and mellow smoke these blunt wraps wraps give will make you fall in love, Juicy Jay even say that these hemp wraps smoke way better than the tobacco and have brought blunts to the next level.

Each pack contains not one, but two blunt wraps, so you can really get your smoking ting' on, not once, but twice, that's like a 200% increase in smoking materials; steady on there lad.

This particular flavour is grape (purple), arguably one of your five a day?